CD Review: ‘Define Believe’ by Zeph Allen

zeph allen define believe album coverReview by: Corbyn Bricie

So we have a thing about resetting musical compasses right now. We’ve been blessed to come across some very strong indie albums this year and Zeph Allen’s DEFINE BELIEVE is another breath of fresh air. What wins for Allen is his simple lyrics. Nestled in their simplicity is wake up sign that says “hey, shhhh your ears and mind are alright and safe here”.

His harmonies are amazing and they attack you here and there ever so skillfully at just the right moments. Tracks ‘Your Eyes’ and ‘Are You Awake’ are perfect examples of how harmony and solo work together to create a sonic oasis of rest and respite. The orchestrations are lush and cushiony.

Now let me be clear. I’m not saying that this album paints a never seen before musical landscape. What it does is very simply provide good music. Allen’s vocals are sufficiently introspective and gentle but the entire album does not stay at rest. There are rock angst tinged moments that propel DEFINE BELIEVE like into another realm like on track ‘Get It In’.   The album ends with an instrumental track ‘Outralong’ that grooves, soothes and yes is a bit trippy. But hey, we’re always down to travel. *shout outs to limmylove42 for forwarding us the bandcamp link to check out*

released 27 March 2013
Written and Produced by Zeph Allen
Mixed By Jake Dempsey @ The Music Lab Roanoke ,VA
Mastered By Garrett haines @ Treelady Studios Pittsburgh, PA
Recorded at The Music Lab and Spoken Records.Musicians:

Janiah Allen: Drums and Percussion

Jamiel Allen: Organ, Clav, electric pianos

Jake Dempsey: Bass ( 1,3,5,7,11 )

Cameron McLaughlin Bass ( 6 )

Richie Ursomarso: Backup Vocals ( 5,6 )

John Stump: Trumpet

Justin Pinckney: Saxophones

Zeph Allen: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, MIDI, sythesizers, hazarai.


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