CD Review: ‘Unwed Mothers’ by Unwed Mothers

Review by: Corbyn Bricie

unwed mothers album coverHot diggity-doggon-damn. Unwed Mothers’ self-titled CD UNWED MOTHERS is rock/blues/soul that we can wholeheartedly get behind. Usually, our reviewer opinions don’t necessarily represent the moods and feelings of the entire staff. I’m not always excited enough by what I hear to share it with everyone. But this album is something entirely different. Lead singer Julie Adams, has that undefinable grit to her voice that smacks of authenticity. She sensibly hovers just above guitar riffs supplied by Michael James and maneuvers throughout the beats of drummer Kurtis Schultz. The band’s sound is tied up with a nice bow supplied by bassist Josh Eygenraam.

This album has a well-balanced un-polished yet polished sound giving the record a sound that is alive and glamorously layered and anchored in reality. ‘Skeletons’ has that gravelly rock feel that smacks of badass lyricisms. ‘Lose Control’ is slow rock grime that incorporates tricky rhythm changes that remains controlled and tethered by Adams’ vocals.

Not sure what’s up with the group’s name but that will most likely have to be revealed in an interview should we happen to catch up with them. Thanks to the person that forwarded their bandcamp link. All in all, UNWED MOTHERS is a most worthy listen.

released 30 March 2013
Recorded at Sound Extractor in Edmonton, Alberta.

Produced and engineered by Stew Kirkwood and Kurtis Schultz
Mixed by Stew Kirkwood
Mastered by Mick Devlin

Graphic design and layout by Scott B. Zigart

Lead Vocals: Julie Adams
Guitars: Michael James, Josh Eygenraam, Stew Kirkwood
Keys/Organ: Stew Kirkwood, Julie Adams, Michael James
Drums and Percussion: Kurtis Schultz
Bass: Paul Bergeron
Backing Vocals: Kurtis Schultz, Josh Eygenraam, Ido Grapendale

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