The List: Things that Helped Us Through Jan 2013

This month was kind of chill. The weather and f’n flu outbreak did wreak havoc with our hairstyle and wardrobe choices but thankfully that was the worst of it. Thanks to the people and things on our below list we made it through with minimal F-Bomb dropage.

warrior-baek-dong-soo-15-bolum-izle dramafever1. Korean Drama: Warrior Baek Dong Su – The script, casting and soundtrack choices *muah* spectacular. Thank you creators! Kim Tae Woo – your voice is sonic gold buddy.

2. Netflix – you make us happy to give up cable in the office

3. Dramafever – you make Mut (our editor) happy period and when she’s happy….

4. Roku – this darn device rocks. You make us happy to have given up on cable and adopted Netflix while catching DramaFever.

5. Skyfall – Daniel Craig…need we say more?

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