The List: 10 Things That Saved Our Collective Minds in April 2013

The following is a list of things that we as a crew found we could not do without. Whether it’s our boss’s passion for Korean Drama or our dear sweet music manic Carolina’s sweaty feet we are truly grateful for the following:

1.  Anita Baker – ‘Caught Up in the Rapture’. Sweet soul to our 2013 radio/tv having to listen to and watch ears. It’s good to have a place to escape back to. Thank you Ms. Baker. Thank you.

2. dramafever DramaFever‘s subtitle crew. We applaud when we see “subtitles by DramaFever” when watching our Korean dramas. Chances are the subs will be sync’d perfectly.

3.  Febreeze. Any scent. Anytime. Why? – Carolina’s feet…nuff said.

4.  Spotify who has us spending hours creating a universal playlist that everyone will like. We often fail in this but that doesn’t stop us from trying. Thanks for helping us to honestly answer “we’re working” when our editor comes calling.

5.  And once again. Roku. We want to kiss you and hold you and love you and squeeze you all while giving you big sloppy kisses.

6.  The AnoAnouarBrahemTrioacuar Brahem Trio for gifting the world with your Astaken Cafe album. It’s middle eastern jazz’d out magic in all the right places. It gets every nook, cranny and crevice within our hearts beating.

7.  Publicists that don’t bother to tell us just what they want from us. They just throw us on their email blast list without ever trying to make a personal connection. That’s some lazy work yo.  Oh well, at least those emails we get to clear off our plates making room for some personable professionals.

8. Skeeta would like to thank his mac.

9.  Kelly Kitchens over at Kelly Kitchens PR for being one of the publicists that stand out and for helping us get ourselves together in time for the 2013 Dallas International Film Festival.

10. The Angelika Theater (Dallas). Thanks for having wonderful movies but seriously, your bathrooms are immaculate compared to other movie houses. And for this all the ladies here at Knowshi are very grateful.

*honorable mention goes out to Scholtzky’s, hot fries, Diet Dr. Pepper, Coke zero, Lady Gaga and the DIFF 2013 film festival volunteers.*

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