Music Interview: Tanner Horn & The Sextronauts


By: Mut Asheru

I’m turned on.  Could it be all this “Sex Rock” in the air that Tanner Horn and the Sextronauts are dishing out?  There’s something truly sexy about a band with a charismatic, edgy sound and persona that drives us crazy in a good way.

Compared to the likes of Mick Jagger and Prince, front man Tanner Horn is diminutive in stature but large on personal charm, sexy lyrics and musical honesty.  Oh yeah, his rock star swagger is in full effect but it’s not something he came up with recently.

“I was born with this,” he says.  “I’ve always drawn attention.”

When he opens his mouth his truth comes out in a string of fun and sad facts that serve to draw you into the non-mystery of this guy and his music.  He’s a freaky open book who speaks openly about his father’s suicide, his drug addiction and his sexual fetishes and fantasies.  The fetishes will remain our secret.

Tanner Horn & the Sextronauts have a rock sound that is unmistakably soul tinged and oozes with sexual intensity thanks in part to band member Ben Cain’s smoky vocal strut (I think I love you Ben…call me).  Ben was nice enough to lend Tanner some vocal coaching after he heard Tanner’s demo while working at the club where they met a few years ago.

The band has since gone through a couple band members and a significant name change.  When I found them they were (you ready?) Tanner Horn & The Astronauts Before Breakfast (loved the name).  I was hooked the moment I heard Tanner’s “uhh huh” on track ‘Perverted Mind.’  But alas, Tanner felt that the name was too much of a mouthful and says that Sextronauts better explains their brand of music which Tanner calls “Sex Rock.”

Having performed from an early age Tanner found himself surrounded by Country music thanks to his stepfather.  Listening to Country music gave Tanner a love of lyrics which he’s careful to pay attention to when writing songs.  It’s artful Sex Rock ya’ll.  Don’t get it twisted.

Tanner credits his band with being the biggest creative force in his world right now.  I really and truly have never interviewed a guy who was so grateful for his band members.  As he gushed at how sexy, talented and handsome (yes you too Ben…call me) all of them are and how well they work and collaborate together it made me want to pack up my triangle and join.

Oh hey, just a quick note Tanner has been drug free for about a year now.  I will personally put my foot in the ass of anyone that gets homie off track.

Check out their new album.  Buy it.  Because with songs like “Do You With My Mouth” (sounds like fun), “U Keep Me Up All Night” (whoo hooo), and the more introspective “Someone 2 Love” (while they’re up all night doin you with their mouths hopefully) you’ll be turned out along with us here at UTM.

**Did I mention, Tanner always writes lyrics while in the tub.  Oh yeah, and he zoned out during the interview while he was imagining himself having sex with a neighbor walking by or something like that.

**One more thing.  He has never seen Prince perform live.  So the comparisons of him and his Purple Majesty are purely coincidental.

**pSsst..Ben…call me. I love the Temptations movie. 😉


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