Book Review: “Love Him or Leave Him, But Don’t Get Stuck with the Tab: Hilarious Advice for Real Women” by Loni Love

238 pages (Simon & Schuster Paperbacks) Author: Loni Love:    “….If you’re going to break up and get back together, you can only do it once. I repeat, you can only get together once! ….As Momma Love used to say, there’s no point in leading a horse to a water if he’s only going to kick […]

Author Interview: Brenda Jackson – the first African-American of either gender, or genre, to publish 100 books

Interview By: Melody Charles A quick book lover’s pop quiz question, if you will: what do titles “Tonight and Forever”, “Slow Burn” and “A Madaris Bride For Christmas” all have in common? They were all written by Brenda Jackson, the first-ever African-American best-selling romance novelist. And with Christmas, Ms. Jackson accomplished yet another feat: the […]

Book Review: Niecy Nash’s “It’s Hard to Fight Naked”… be whole before you give up the hole…(K!)

211 Pages Simon and Schuster/Gallery Books Author: Niecy Nash Book Review by: Melody Charles Actress, comedian, web series host and….matchmaker extraordinaire? Yes, Ms. Niecy Nash is ALLA that, and with her first-ever book, IT’S HARD TO FIGHT NAKED, the Reno 911! and Soul Man star adds ‘author’ to the list, putting her two cents in […]