Music Feature Flashback:Dan Sistos – In The Midnight Hours

By: Mut Asheru If you’re not a lover within the first few strums of Sistos’s guitar then I truly don’t understand what you are doing with your life.  Maybe it’s hard for some to step outside of their preferred listening zone and embrace listening across borders but for most of us music is an omni-auditory […]

Interview: Brotherhood of Dae Han

Brotherhood of Dae Han By: Mut Asheru Found em on Ourstage.Com   So we’re tempted not to write an article at all and just let the music speak for itself, but no that wouldn’t be right.  After all, we’re only playing one of their tracks for you and that wouldn’t paint a complete picture at […]

Sonic Bloom: Ulises – He’s Givin Fever

Ulises: He’s Givin Fever By: Carolina Jones What you want?  Beats? A sexy man to sing to ya?  Well look no more.  Nestled within the folds of Dallas, TX urban artists sits a young talent with plenty of bump.  On his second LP Musically Promiscuous, Ulises definitely has the right tools to make a big […]

Sonic Bloom: TestTube Beats

Test Tube Beats: Beats by the Clone By: T. Mathenia Oh Crap. Did dude just send in a CD written on in the infamous black sharpie?  And he didn’t include any contact info! Oh wait here it is written on the CD.   Thank god his beats are dope.  We have no choice but to feature […]

Sonic Bloom: Heather Park

Heather Park “Dream in Pictures” Section: Up Next By: Mut Asheru UP Next – We have Heather Parks. She’s beautiful, talented and brave. Ms. Park bucked her parents’ wishes to follow her career. She decided to drop out of college so that she could follow that dream full-time. Heather Park was discovered in a quirky […]

Indie Film Review: Alabama Moon

Alabama Moon Writer/Director: Tim McCanlies   Alabama Moon directed by Tim McCanlies is an smart and entertaining kids film based off the novel by Watt Key.  The film has the spirit of a Huck Finn tale. Moon (Jimmy Bennett) and his Pap (J.D. Evermore) live as homesteaders in rural Alabama.  Pap is a conspiracy theorist […]

CD Review: Drowning by Before Dawn

Drowning – Before Dawn By:  T. Mathenia   Before Dawn an Austin, TX based duo has delivered a complexingly simple new wave album called Drowning.  Rob Houle and Kate Arpke have created an album is full of rich layers.  There’s the New Wave feel which rests firmly in electro beats that are driving and hypnotic.  […]

CD Review: Daffodil by Brian Copeland Band

Daffodil – Brian Copeland Band By:  Carolina Jones   Singer/Songwriter Brian Copeland has a pop conscious writing style that is heartful and earnest.  The musicality on ‘Velvet Crush’ is bluesy and sensual while ‘Perfect Explanation’ is kinda country sounding.  So already we have an eclectic mixture of music that makes this band difficult to define […]

CD Review: Live at the French Quarter Cafe – Roxie Randle

Live at the French Quarter Cafe – Roxie Randle By:  Corbyn Bricie   Perfectly paced and executed Country music. Roxie Randle’s chops are mature and sultry in a totally beautiful way.  Country music is renowned for its creative story lines and Roxie’s songwriting abilities upholds that tradition.  ‘You Were Wrong’ is beautiful in every way.  […]

DVD Review: Gods and Men

Review By: Boo Allen In this fact-based drama presumed to be based on the Cistercian monks of Tibehirine in Algeria, a group of cloistered men must weigh their faith in the face of mounting danger. In the early 1990s, Muslim fundamentalist terrorists began murderous assaults in the area of the monastery. While the French monks […]