The List: Gordon’s Top 5 Must Must Must See Christmas Movies…and it just so happens you can catch a couple of these at the Alamo Drafthouse DFW this month

List by Gordon K. Smith A new Christmas tradition that started only in the last few decades and flourished through the age of television and multimedia is Christmas movies, those old and new parables that you NEED to see every Christmas, and you can’t stand to watch any other time. Everyone has their faves, be […]

The List: 5 Indie (Specialty) Films to Catch if You Can – Sept 2013

Whether in theater or on DVD, the below films are sure to titillate your senses. In our humble opinions.   T. Mathenia Recommends TAIPEI FACTORY Dir: Singing Chen, Jero Yun, Midi Zhao, Joana Preiss, Shen Ko-Shang, Luis Cifuentes, Chang Jung-Chi, Alireza Khatami Country: Taiwan 2013    Runtime: 75min A refreshing omnibus of four shorts, each pairing […]