Sonic Bloom: Avi Wisnia’s “Sky Blue Sky” flies high for us!

Review by: Mut Asheru Summer’s almost over but the party definitely ain’t over. We’re happy to share with you an awesome summer-lover-cozy-chill track from one of our favorite artists Avi Wisnia. SKY BLUE SKY does not disappoint and is saturated with his silky voice and Brazilian jazz goodness. It’s a light one that floats around […]

Sonic Bloom: YAMIN…and we mean that!

Sooo yeah, thanks goes out to James Dunn over at dunndealPR for onct again turnin us on to somethin nice and fresh. And now…because we love and care for your earholes…we’re hoping to turn you onto this artist as well. Yamin Semali ladies and gentlemen. This is totally safe for work. East Point, GA native Yamin, […]

Sonic Bloom : Indie Band Feature : Undersea Explosion – Amazing, Graceless

By: Ric Hickey Our Britney culture run amok is a world of processed pop music that’s compressed beyond compression, where the Use of Pro Tools and vocoder vocal tweakings are the accepted norm, and no one questions the legitimacy of making records this way. Fu*k it. It’s just candy for the kids. Who cares what’s […]

Sonic Bloom: Josh Doyle – Still Delivering the Goods

Written By: Rahsian Parris Photography by Luke Yates It has been ten years since the Dum Dums first rocked their way onto UK airwaves and into our hearts, but one underrated album, a string of catchy singles and a breakup later; ex front man, Josh Doyle, still delivers the goods as an independent solo artist. […]

Sonic Bloom: Sub Rosa

By: Carolina Jones For an album recorded in someone’s bedroom, this damn thing is beautiful.  Indie band Sub Rosa’s album Slings & Arrows is moody rock played expertly. Vocalist Jennifer Boeder must have angels sleeping in her throat.  Her vocals dip and glide over ‘White Flag’ and other tunes that merge and flow into each […]