DIFF 2014 Filmmaker Interview: Actor Scott Haze on his role in ‘Child of God’ and acting in general

Written by: Bill Graham If all you knew of Scott Haze was the character he portrays in Child of God, you’d be pardoned for thinking the man was unruly and partially psychotic. However, the Haze I found greeting me in the hotel lobby of the Park Cities Holiday Inn was charming and jovial. One of […]

DIFF 2014 Film Review: ‘Hellion’ is flawlessly performed

Review by: Bill Graham Children are a fascinating subject matter because their youth make the absurd seem ordinary. We expect them to not understand the rules of our world. That everything isn’t easily solved. You can’t just steal what you want, but youth makes you ignorant of these things. That’s the path Hellion takes. We […]

Filmmaker Interview: ‘Jodorowsky’s Dune’ with documentary producer Frank Pavich

Roundtable interview by: Gordon K. Smith In 1970, a bizarre, X-rated surrealist western from Mexico entitled EL TOPO became the first midnight movie sensation.   Its star/director/writer, Chilean Alejandro Jodorowsky,  followed it three years later with the similarly trippy THE HOLY MOUNTAIN.  Also hugely popular at that time were the fantasy/science-fiction novels of Frank Herbert, Dune […]

DIFF 2014 Film Review: ‘1982’ Starring Hill Harper is obviously written and acted with Love but is that enough to make it a good film?

Written by: Mut Asheru The answer is yes. This is a good film. “1982” is writer-director Tommy Oliver’s debut. There aren’t any fancy camera angles to speak of. The winning combination here is scripting and casting. One would think placing Wayne Brady in a gangster role (as Alonzo) is a comical idea..but I’ll be damned […]

Film Review: “Flutter” – 1 of Our DIFF 2014 ‘Big Hit’ Predictions

By: Mut Asheru FLUTTER, directed by Eric Hueber, is getting ready to make its world premiere in the Texas Competition category at the 2014 Dallas International Film Festival and we’re predicting it will be a big deal for all the right reasons. Flutter is written by Eric Hueber (screenplay, story) and Tony Franklin Jr. (story) with […]

Music Interview: Chauncey Black of “Blackstreet” – wants to set the record straight, starting with the ownership drama surrounding the name

Written By: Lele Symone For R&B fans coming of age in the 1990s, there was something special about Blackstreet: a hybrid of new jack swing, hip-hop and old school R&B that filled the airwaves with silky ballads and infectious club jams (“Booti Call,” “No Diggity,” “Before I Let You Go,” “Joy,” etc.) and who also […]

Film Review: South Korean Comedy / Drama ‘Rockin on Heaven’s Door’

Review by: Mut Asheru Do you want to feel good inside? If you do ROCKIN ON HEAVEN’S DOOR (뜨거운 안녕) presents you with the perfect opportunity to do so, but you will however have to go through some tears. Not to fear…there are some laughs along the way that balance out the drama / comedy […]

Music Interview: Singer / Songwriter Ledisi’s – Courage, confidence, trial and transformation

Written by: Melody Charles Courage, confidence, trial and transformation: in the nearly three years since her last album Pieces Of Me, singer and songwriter Ledisi Young has experienced growth and loss. Getting good with herself dovetailed with leaving a long-term relationship, but instead of secluding herself to the shadows and licking her wounds, the eight-time Grammy […]

Movie Review: ‘Omar’ Directed by Hany Abu-Assad Gives You Something Interesting to Ponder

Review By: Bill Graham OMAR may not change your mind on the Palestine/Israeli conflict that continues to endure, but it will likely give you something interesting to ponder none the less. Writer/director Hany Abu-Assad crafts the film around one young boy, Omar (Adam Bakri), and how he and two friends become the center of both […]

Music Interview: Guitarist Mark Letteri of ‘Snarky Puppy’ on the recent Grammy win and working with Lalah Hathaway

Written by: Melody Charles If you’ve been a part of the re-emerging  30+ live music scene in Dallas, TX over the last few years, chances are you’ve heard—or seen—the long, lean guitar-wielding machine known as Mark Letteri. Ahem…make that the Grammy Award-winning guitarist, composer and producer Mark Letteri. For years the Ft. Worth, TX-based performer […]