Sonic Bloom : Francis Dunnery

By: Ric Hickey In his youth he vainly wore his long and flowing hair well past his shoulders, his pants tight, and his shirt open to the waist to reveal the full splendor of his hairy, rock star chest. Though clearly an exceptionally gifted guitarist and singer even in the earliest days of his career, […]

Sonic Bloom: Devils Of Belgrade – Unholy Indianapolyptica

UNHOLY INDIANAPOLYPTICA By: Ric Hickey Remember the scene in Peter Jackson’s 2003 remake of King Kong where Kong goes ape-shit and tears up the whole mountainside when Naomi Watts’character refuses to entertain him any further? Devils Of Belgrade‘s CD ‘Davolja Varoš’ is a lot like that; it’s the sound of an over-sized and malevolent beast, […]

Sonic Bloom : Indie Band Feature : Undersea Explosion – Amazing, Graceless

By: Ric Hickey Our Britney culture run amok is a world of processed pop music that’s compressed beyond compression, where the Use of Pro Tools and vocoder vocal tweakings are the accepted norm, and no one questions the legitimacy of making records this way. Fu*k it. It’s just candy for the kids. Who cares what’s […]

CD Review: Mines by Menomena

Review By: Ric Hickey Now in their tenth year, Menomena’s new release is the culmination of an amazing decade by any standard. Based out of Portland, Oregon, Menomena’s accomplishments include countless critical accolades and even a Grammy nomination for “Best Record­ing Pack­age” for their 2007 release Friend & Foe . Having scored film music and […]

Sonic Bloom: The Get Go

The Get Go : A Sparkling New Spin By: Ric Hickey I am always pleasantly surprised when a musical act can take the age-old building blocks of Rock n Roll and re-shape and re-distribute the pieces to create something totally fresh and original. Based out of Chicago, The Get Go is the latest band to […]

Music Interview: The Crash That Took Me on their Album “Chlorine Colored Eyes”

The Crash That Took Me By: Ric Hickey Just three tracks into their new release Chlorine Colored Eyes Dallas, TX band The Crash That Took Me captures the elusive lightning in a bottle. After building the hypnotic hooks of “Through The Pattern And Out The Other Side” for a steady rollin’ three and a half […]