DIFF 2013 Film Review: A Company Man ; love, action, remorse, revenge, comedic moments and the sublime So Ji-sub

Movie Review By: Mut Asheru “Is anyone really happy with their job?!”, expresses Ji Hyeong-Do’s (지형도) boss during the climatic fight scene in Writer/Director Lim Sang-yoon’s (임상윤) action, thriller A COMPANY MAN (회사원). The answer to that question is the crux of the movie. Good-looking monosyllabic Ji Hyeong-Do (So Ji-sub) obtained the ever respectable company […]

Film Review: NEW WORLD – This is not a cerebral gangster film.

When the South Koreans make a gangsta flick they make a muthaf*c%@n gangsta flick. The films are usually simple in their straight-forward violence. No matter how base or elevated the cinematography they stick with the recipe that works and NEW WORLD starring Lee Jung-jae (“The Housemaid”) , Choi Min-sik (“Oldboy”) and Jung-min Hwang (“Shiri”)  this […]

DARYL HALL Releases New Solo Album Laughing Down Crying – out September 27

LOS ANGELES, July 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Legendary singer-songwriter Daryl Hall is set to release his fifth solo studio album, Laughing Down Crying , on September 27 (Verve Forecast).  With his iconic soulful vocals, Hall’s newest collection feels fresh and current while still maintaining his signature style and songwriting prowess.  Hall was joined in the […]

Film Review: John Rabe

Review by: Mut Asheru John Rabe is a  Nazi with a conscious. Can’t believe I said it but there it is and I would not have been able to make this observation if it had it not been for the film “John Rabe,” by German writer-director Florian Gallenberger.    During World War II there were “safety […]

CD Review: White Bamboo : Clare Means

White Bamboo : Clare Means By: Mut Asheru White Bamboo is an excellent album full of delicate melodies and basslines.  Its beautiful heavy melodies are framed by razor sharp lyrics of blame and pain sang softly and sweetly by Clare.  You can tell this woman was exposing her demons and hopefully excorcising them.  White Bamboo […]

CD Review: The Things That Cannot Be Moved : Paper Astronomer

The Things That Cannot Be Moved : Paper Astronomer By: Corbyn Bricie   I am now a fan of this group.  The Things That Cannot Be Moved by Paper Astronomer is a collection of songs that make you think and jam.  Playing as one cohesive unit their sound is kind of art-rocky with no politics…just […]

CD Review: Brixton to Brooklyn: Kirsten Price

Brixton to Brooklyn: Kirsten Price Review By: Mut Asheru Kirsten Price’s Brixton to Brooklyn cd is exciting.  One of the best pop cds that we’ve heard this year.  The entire CD is powerfully sung with songs that are simple and straightforward in lyrical content.  So while it won’t challenge you mentally its sweet simplicity affords […]