Independent Filmmaker Spotlight: Vandal Truong on filmmaking, acting, and the strange balancing act of being an artist as well as Asian-American in the film industry

Written By: Mut Asheru We come across them all the time. Independent filmmakers/screenwriters with that certain something whose work gives us goosebumps.  Their promise is palpable. You don’t know why but you expect great things. For us here at Knowshi, Vandal Truong is one of the promising filmmaker/screenwriters we intend to watch and even place […]

We Hear that Picture Planet Serves Up Some Good Chicken. And We Want Some!

Whose ready for Chicken? We can’t tell you why we’re eagerly awaiting a film called Chicken from film making company Picture Planet. It could be the mouth watering name of the feature itself. Chicken. It just sounds good. Better yet or most probably its the fact that we’ve enjoyed a couple of shorts made by […]