CD Review: Mines by Menomena

Review By: Ric Hickey Now in their tenth year, Menomena’s new release is the culmination of an amazing decade by any standard. Based out of Portland, Oregon, Menomena’s accomplishments include countless critical accolades and even a Grammy nomination for “Best Record­ing Pack­age” for their 2007 release Friend & Foe . Having scored film music and […]

Sonic Bloom: TestTube Beats

Test Tube Beats: Beats by the Clone By: T. Mathenia Oh Crap. Did dude just send in a CD written on in the infamous black sharpie?  And he didn’t include any contact info! Oh wait here it is written on the CD.   Thank god his beats are dope.  We have no choice but to feature […]

CD Review: Live at the French Quarter Cafe – Roxie Randle

Live at the French Quarter Cafe – Roxie Randle By:  Corbyn Bricie   Perfectly paced and executed Country music. Roxie Randle’s chops are mature and sultry in a totally beautiful way.  Country music is renowned for its creative story lines and Roxie’s songwriting abilities upholds that tradition.  ‘You Were Wrong’ is beautiful in every way.  […]

CARMEN RODGERS: Stretch out, Turn it up and Indulge

By:  Melody Charles   Tired, too through and so over trying to get this relationship thang right: that’s the type of woman who emerges front and center when Carmen Rodgers sings liltingly of broken promises and weary hearts on her recently-released EP, The Bitter Suite. The Dallas-based singer, songwriter and performer, who first captured the […]

CD Review: They Go In by Jeremy Megert

They Go In – Jeremy Megert By:  Carolina Jones   A little bit of rock and blues is the best way to describe Jeremy Megert’s “They Go In” EP.  Nice introspective lyrics spiced up with even spicier guitar riffs.  This is an album for an intimate bar setting.  There’s something innocent about his rough vocals.  […]

DVD Review: The Lupe Velez Collection

Review By: Boo Allen The Girl from Mexico, Mexican Spitfire, Mexican Spitfire Out West, Mexican Spitfire’s Baby, Mexican Spitfire at Sea, Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost, Mexican Spitfire’s Elephant, Mexican Spitfire’s Blessed Event. Mexican beauty Lupe Velez appeared in around 44 films before her suicide at 36. Her career peaked in 1939 when she made […]

Film Review: Midnight in Paris

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS Review By: Gordon K. Smith In 1977’s Annie Hall (back in the days when we lived for the next Woody Allen flick), there’s a classic scene in which, to prove to the know-it-all next to him in the movie line that the guy knows zilch about the then-controversial media critic Marshall McLuhan, […]