Documentary review: “My Love, Don’t Cross that River”… is what long-lasting love looks like

Review by: Mut Asheru Love is real and Jin Mo-young’s documentary “My Love, Don’t Cross that River” proves it. The film captures the last moments of elderly couple’s Jo Byeong-man and Kang Kye-yeol’s last moments of their 76 year marriage. Yes, you read me right. 76 years! And they were just as lovey-dovey cute as […]

Music Interview: Erick Blu – teen pop sensation from India hopes to break the American market with the help of legendary producer Joel Diamond

Written by: Mut Asheru What’s one of the things missing from the American music market today? Ahhh, I can hear all of you chiming in with the obvious and not-so-obvious answers. And you’re right…or not.  But what I bet not one you has mentioned, is the one thing or person that legendary producer / songwriter […]

Actor Interview: Hiroyuki Sanada talks about his latest role in “Mr. Holmes” and his desire to simply act

Written by: Mut Asheru Hiroyuki Sanada is an actor first and foremost. His role as Mr. Tamiki Umezaki in his most recent film MR. HOLMES did not have any sword fights but it did contain some emotionally slashing scenes and scenarios in which Sanada’s character helps bring about a catharsis for the aging Sherlock Holmes […]

Concert Review: 2PM “Go Crazy” World Tour in Dallas, TX

Show review by: Mut Asheru Last night the delicious men of 2PM showed up and showed out in Dallas, TX with their “Go Crazy” World Tour. Since their inception the JYP managed KPOP group have grown as artists. A couple members have released solo albums and they have dabbled in film and the variety show circuit […]

Film Review: “Shuttlecock” – An indie Korean film that we liked

Review by: Mut Asheru Others have referred to this film as a “road-trip” movie. But it’s not. SHUTTLECOCK (셔틀콕) directed by Lee Yu-bin (이유빈) tells the story of 3step-siblings who have to find a way to live with and take care of each other after their parents deaths. Shuttlecock is a badminton term used for […]

2014 DIFF Film Review: “We from Dallas” – music doc showcasing the Dallas, TX Hip-Hop culture

Written by: Mut Asheru WE FROM DALLAS is a “grand reveal” type of music documentary showcasing the Dallas, TX Hip-Hop culture. Directed by Teddy Cool, this doc attempts to chronicle the Dallas Hip-Hop scene starting with the early 1980s until today. The history is solid. The research is solid. Of course, the director couldn’t touch […]

DIFF 2014 Film Review: ‘1982’ Starring Hill Harper is obviously written and acted with Love but is that enough to make it a good film?

Written by: Mut Asheru The answer is yes. This is a good film. “1982” is writer-director Tommy Oliver’s debut. There aren’t any fancy camera angles to speak of. The winning combination here is scripting and casting. One would think placing Wayne Brady in a gangster role (as Alonzo) is a comical idea..but I’ll be damned […]

Film Review: “Horny Family” – A Korean comedy that pokes fun at the concept of family, love and fidelity

Review by: Mut Asheru Korean comedy HORNY FAMILY directed by Bo-Sang Park gently and un-apologetically pokes fun at the concept of family, love and fidelity. The film is shot and scripted in a way that humanizes our sex drives and calls to question the notion of lifetime pairing between human beings. Although the movie boasts […]

Music Interview: Indie Hip-Hop artist Klassik – You need in him in your life

By: Mut Asheru Hello Everyone. It’s time to introduce you to some good music. Even though our filters are set to let in a wide array of ear candy from all manner of musicians it sometimes gets difficult to actually hear over the music (ala Eric Roberson). It takes a mighty noise to rattle our […]

Film Short Review: “W.M. 2013” – Korean bride fantastically battles zombies on her way to marriage

Movie Review by: Mut Asheru W.M. 2013 is a Korean short film directed by Ahn Gi-chang that is showed at the 17th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PIFAN) in the horror, action category. Coming in at a fantastically action packed 19 minutes W.M. 2013 tells the story of a bride battling her way through male […]