Film Review: “Fill the Void”…a glimpse into marriage within the ultra-orthodox Hasidic community

Opening June 21 at the Angelika Dallas and Anglika Plano Theaters Review by: Mut Asheru FILL THE VOID provides a cinematic detailed look into marriage within the ultra-orthodox Hasidic community in Tel Aviv.  Directed by Rama Burshtein (herself a member of the community) this drama attempts to show the importance of family and custom within […]

Film Short Review: “Grecoroman”… a film short that is long on character and very fulfilling to watch

Review by: T. Mathenia GRECOROMAN, directed by Shin Hyun-tak is a film short that is long on character and very fulfilling to watch. The film’s storyline holds an intoxicating mix of fantasy and dark reality that is mostly heartbreaking. Namwan is a security guard who tries to help a kid who falls down but is […]

Film Review: ‘National Security’ a tale of beatings, brainwashing, and, most of all, torture

Chung Ji-young’s NATIONAL SECURITY takes no time at all in getting straight to the heart of its tale—beatings, brainwashing, and, most of all, torture. Similar to his 2011 efforts in  UNBOWED, Chung has once again chosen to dabble in creative nonfiction, taking creative shortcuts where and if he pleases. The result is a horrific account […]

Film Review: ‘The Iceman’ a solid movie you won’t mind spending your cash on

Opening at the Angelkia (Dallas) 5/10 Review By: Mut Asheru Let’s just start off with the facts. THE ICEMAN is a good movie. Direction, script and casting are all a go making THE ICEMAN a movie you won’t mind spending your cash on. Directed by Ariel Vromen, the film is based on Anthony Bruno’s novel The […]

Film Review: ‘Mud’ – Matthew McConaughey’s finest performance to date

Film Review by: Gordon K. Smith Matthew McConaughey gives his finest performance to date in the eponymous MUD, a role he seems born to play.  It’s a flawed but engrossing melodrama that, in an era of rampant “hicksploitation” on tacky reality TV shows, presents an authentic and deeply atmospheric depiction of rural Southerners, thanks to […]

DIFF 2013 Film Review: The Kings of Summer

THE KINGS OF SUMMER is movie rich on casting while a tad bit short on script magic. With that said, it’s a very cute film that is watchable…once. Debuting in the comedy genre, there are laughs to be had but not remembered. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts and Screenwriter Chris Galletta teamed up to tell a coming […]

DIFF 2013 Film Review: Laurence Anyways. Visually delicious,…the camera loves and devours the entire cast

By: Mut “whom else”Asheru Yeah. So we totally loved this film. Over 2.5 hours long and we remained engaged and enthralled from beginning to end. LAURENCE ANYWAYS directed by Xavier Dolan is visually delicious. The camera loves and devours the entire cast in a richness that is truly stunning. The films tagline is “Will the […]

DIFF 2013 Film Review: Cry

Review By: Mut Asheru Filmed in Dallas, CRY tells the story a bullied teenager Carson Johnson (Skyy Moore) struggling to survive his high school torments and a lonely elderly man Cable Malone (Bill Flynn) wrestling with the loss of his wife and his own mortality. When a tragic accident entangles their lives, their budding friendship […]

Film Review: Bridesmaids

BRIDESMAIDS Review By: Gordon K. Smith Kristen Wiig is currently being declared the next big thing, the new Tina Fey, Lucille Ball, Judy Holliday, etc., in the sadly short list of great film comediennes.  I’ve had a harder time warming up to her, mostly because I find most of the characters she’s given to play on “Saturday […]