CD Review: The Season – Laura Marie. An album with a fiercely beating heart

By: Mut Asheru I had to spend some quality time with this album. I’m a Laura Marie fan but I wanted to clear my head and come at this review objectively. Love for LM aside…I love this album. THE SEASON is Laura Marie’s 3rd solo album and she’s gotten more folksy, country on this album […]

CD Review: Last of the Ones – Laura Marie

Last of the Ones : Laura Marie By: Mut Asheru Holy catharsis batman!  Laura Marie’s album Last of the Ones is a musical medicinal that soothes and emboldens on the first listen.  This album, produced by Mack Damon is strong and focused.  We first met and fell for Laura on her Drawn album.  That was ’07.  […]

Interview: Laura Marie – Bathrooms and SXSW

By: Mut Asheru   Its introduction time! I’ve raised my head outta my soul induced haze for a moment to share with you an artist that I believe has real star quality. While soul music is my forte I’ve come to learn that any singer/songwriter that puts what they truly feel down on paper is […]