Korean Film Review: “The Heaven is Only Open to the Single” is a South Korean tale of two folks jus wookin pa nub and chances are good they just might find it

   Review by: Mut Asheru I’m happy to report that this delightful tale of love and romance is worth the watch. The ‘two lonely souls looking for luv’ formula never gets old. Especially when done up as simply and as beautifully in Korean movie THE HEAVEN IS ONLY OPEN TO THE SINGLE. The characters in […]

Film Review: “Perfect Number”…a film about a soft-spoken mathematical psychopath genius, love and murder

Review By: Christopher J. Wheeler Bang Eun-jin’s 2012 thriller PERFECT NUMBER (aka “Suspect X”) claimed a respectable $1.5M in admissions during its run in Korean theaters late last year. The film stars the versatile superstar Ryoo Seung-beom as Seok-go, a soft-spoken mathematical genius who crafts the perfect plot to help wash the blood off of […]

Film Review: ‘Miracle in Cell No. 7’..scores big on presentation, but…

Review By: Christopher J. Wheeler Society may not always have our best interests at heart. Laws and regulations are tangled with bureaucracy and riddled with a rigidity that often leaves the individual alone and unrepresented. Modern Korean cinema has embraced the depiction of such societal frustrations, often choosing to downplay authority figures while indulging melodramatics. […]

Film Short Review: “Modern Family”…A collection of 4 Korean short films taking aim at family issues

Review by: Carolina Jones MODERN FAMILY (가족 시네마 ) is a collection of four short Korean films directed by Hong Ji-young (홍지영), Kim Seong-ho (김성호), Lee Soo-yeon (이수연), and Shin Su-won (신수원)that showcase the state of “family” in modern / futuristic Korea. These shorts are poignant peeks into the lives of four families who for […]

Film Review: “Touch”

Review by: Mut Asheru TOUCH (directed by Byunghun Min) is a deeply moving Korean film about a family that’s in rapid decline to rock bottom status.  Perhaps a little existential in its approach the film is full of close ups and cut-tos with shaky camera work throughout which gives the film a hardline, realistic edge. […]

Film Review: ‘Confession of Murder’ – what would happen if a killer came into the spotlight and laid claim to his deviant acts?

Review By: Christopher J. Wheeler His face is covered with a white mask, his head by a maroon fisherman’s hat. He’s quick, skilled in close quarter combat and seems to, at this moment, have the upper hand over detective Choi (Jeong Jae-yeong). After slitting the throat of the woman whose store they burst through, a chase […]