Film Review: The Artist

Review By: Gordon K. Smith I got to see THE ARTIST during its festival run, at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival in October.  All I knew about it at that point was that it was some kind of homage to classic Hollywood, was made on a low budget, was black and white and silent […]

DVD Review: Leon Morin, Priest

Review By: Boo Allen Leon Morin, Priest (***) In another film looking at life during wartime, the Criterion Collection debuts to DVD, and Blu-ray, a high definition digital restoration of an unusually philosophical film from French auteur Jean-Pierre Melville. Jean-Paul Belmondo plays the title character, a dedicated priest in the small occupied village of St. […]

Film Review: Earthling directed by Clay Liford

Earthling Director: Clay Liford   What would it be like to wake up one day and realize you’re really an alien?  In most movies you would discover the truth alongside a mob on fearful humans and then be forced to resort to running for your life or worse killing a slew of people whilst running.  Thankfully, […]

DVD Review: Erasing David

Review By: Boo Allen In this compelling documentary, British actor and filmmaker David Bond uses Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me” approach and uses himself to make a statement about the trail of information individuals unwittingly leave behind them. Bond hires and then has filmed a private investigation firm to track him and possibly find him […]

DVD Review: The Sacrifice

Review By:  Boo Allen Kino International re-issues and gives a Blu-ray debut to this haunting enigma from internationally renowned Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky. Like all of his films, this one, his last before dying of cancer in 1986, challenges viewers, dealing in metaphysical questions that require diffuse conversations often resulting in long, lingering shots (his […]

CD Review: Everything Coincidental by John Tinger

Everything Coincidental – John Tinger By: Mut Asheru   John Tinger has gone from a rock musician to an acoustic ambient mood enhancer.  His album “Everything Coincidental” is soothing and quietly stimulating.  The tendency with most ambient acoustical efforts is to become dull thorough fare that doesn’t audibly enhance and is easily forgettable.  Here Tinger […]

Film Review: Beginners

Beginners – Directed by: Mike Mills Review By: Gordon K. Smith Judging from the ads and posters, you’d naturally expect Mike Mills’ new indie comedy Beginners to be a laff-out-loud raunchy comedy in which the hero’s dad comes out as gay at age 75 and consults his straight single son for dating advice.  Surely comedy […]

CD Review: They Go In by Jeremy Megert

They Go In – Jeremy Megert By:  Carolina Jones   A little bit of rock and blues is the best way to describe Jeremy Megert’s “They Go In” EP.  Nice introspective lyrics spiced up with even spicier guitar riffs.  This is an album for an intimate bar setting.  There’s something innocent about his rough vocals.  […]

Music Interview: Kelly Price Talks About Industry, Love, and Pain

By: Melody Charles Kelly Price did more than hit the charts and earn her fourth Grammy nomination with her first new song in three years, “Tired”: apparently, she ignited a movement. “I was literally blown away,” says the 37-year-old from her Los Angeles home about hearing the news last week. “I was just telling someone […]

CD Review: Last of the Ones – Laura Marie

Last of the Ones : Laura Marie By: Mut Asheru Holy catharsis batman!  Laura Marie’s album Last of the Ones is a musical medicinal that soothes and emboldens on the first listen.  This album, produced by Mack Damon is strong and focused.  We first met and fell for Laura on her Drawn album.  That was ’07.  […]