Film Review: Hugo

Review By: Gordon K. Smith One of my indelible memories of moviegoing in the seventies was the PSA for the Will Rogers Institute you had to sit through at some theaters before getting down to STAR WARS or ANNIE HALL, wherein someone like Roy Scheider would pitch for that charity and, sure enough, half-interested ushers […]


If you’re in Media/Marketing at a record label, publishing house, film studio or a publicist working for yourself or an agency, some of the hardest work you’ll ever do is garnering coverage for your artist. If you’re not sending e-mail blasts and calling editors and writers, you’re forwarding bios, samples/trailers and generally, doing everything possible […]

CARMEN RODGERS: Stretch out, Turn it up and Indulge

By:  Melody Charles   Tired, too through and so over trying to get this relationship thang right: that’s the type of woman who emerges front and center when Carmen Rodgers sings liltingly of broken promises and weary hearts on her recently-released EP, The Bitter Suite. The Dallas-based singer, songwriter and performer, who first captured the […]

CD Review: Everything Coincidental by John Tinger

Everything Coincidental – John Tinger By: Mut Asheru   John Tinger has gone from a rock musician to an acoustic ambient mood enhancer.  His album “Everything Coincidental” is soothing and quietly stimulating.  The tendency with most ambient acoustical efforts is to become dull thorough fare that doesn’t audibly enhance and is easily forgettable.  Here Tinger […]

DVD Review: The Company Men

Review By: Boo Allen This grim drama centers on Bobby (Ben Affleck), a big shot corporate executive unexpectedly fired. He goes into denial about his prospects, as he stumbles through his new unemployed status. Soon, others from his firm follow (Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper). Writer/director John Wells captures the agony involved with not only […]

DVD Review: The Lupe Velez Collection

Review By: Boo Allen The Girl from Mexico, Mexican Spitfire, Mexican Spitfire Out West, Mexican Spitfire’s Baby, Mexican Spitfire at Sea, Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost, Mexican Spitfire’s Elephant, Mexican Spitfire’s Blessed Event. Mexican beauty Lupe Velez appeared in around 44 films before her suicide at 36. Her career peaked in 1939 when she made […]

DVD Review: The Bob Hoskins Handmade Films Collection

Review By: Boo Allen Mona Lisa, The Long Good Friday, The Raggedy Rawney, The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne. Bob Hoskins’ unlikely yet prolonged and successful career is highlighted in this collection of four fine movies on four discs. His versatility shines first in “Mona Lisa” (1986, rated R, 104 minutes) and “Long/Friday,” (1980, rated […]

CD Review: Hands by Emanuel and the Fear

HANDS – EMANUEL AND THE FEAR Eclectic rock/folk group Emanuel and the Fear continues to awe and wow me with their latest EP Hands. They efficiently wooed me with their first classical/rock/poetic/alt LP Listen which offered up such tantalizing treats as ‘Trucker Lovesong’ and ‘Simple Eyes’. The music is sooo good my eyes simply pop […]

Film Review: Bridesmaids

BRIDESMAIDS Review By: Gordon K. Smith Kristen Wiig is currently being declared the next big thing, the new Tina Fey, Lucille Ball, Judy Holliday, etc., in the sadly short list of great film comediennes.  I’ve had a harder time warming up to her, mostly because I find most of the characters she’s given to play on “Saturday […]

Film Review: Hesher

HESHER Film Review By: Gordon K. Smith The Natalie Portman movie of the month is Hesher, an abrasive if ultimately affecting comedy-drama which she also co-produced (one of 22 — you read that right — 22 co-producers, which tells you something about the state of modern indie film production).  It also seems to run the checklist […]