Sonic Bloom: Avi Wisnia’s “Sky Blue Sky” flies high for us!

Review by: Mut Asheru Summer’s almost over but the party definitely ain’t over. We’re happy to share with you an awesome summer-lover-cozy-chill track from one of our favorite artists Avi Wisnia. SKY BLUE SKY does not disappoint and is saturated with his silky voice and Brazilian jazz goodness. It’s a light one that floats around […]

CD Review: Learn to Crawl by Jen Lewin

Learn to Crawl – Jen Lewin Review By:  T. Mathenia   Okay let’s begin with ‘Me Post-You’ from Jen Lewin’s phenomenal jazz vocal album.  Not your boring, run of the mill coffee house gentle jazzy notes kind of strung together into a totally forgettable experience, this song is down right mesmerizing.  “Lean to Crawl” has […]

CD Reviews: The Rest of Your Life by Debbie Cunningham

The Rest of Your Life – Debbie Cunningham By: Mut “I Make Up Words As I Go Along” Asheru What a glorious sound Debbie makes on this album.  “The Rest of Your Life” is a collection of timeless jazz classics souped up by Mrs. Cunningham and her talented friends.  What I love about this album […]