CD Review: Love Has No Recession by Kindred

Review By: LeLe Symone For the last decade, Fatin Dantzler and Aja Graydon, AKA Kindred the Family Soul, have fallen in love, married and raised a family while dropping hit songs about life and relationships. Now, ten years, a web-series (“6 Is It”) and a toddler later, the Philidelphia natives return with their latest CD, Love Has No […]

Book Review: Mogul by Terrance Dean

Review By: Latasha Dennis I recommend this book to readers who have an open mind and can look beyond sexual orientation and music to find the key message on what it is to get what you want by searching and finding the inner voice inside yourself. “How come I am so conflicted? Why am I […]

Sonic Bloom: Indie Artist Interview: T. Riley…noooo not Teddy

By: Corbyn Bricie T. Riley (no not Teddy) is a reformed pilot who decided to clip her wings settle in Canada and soar through the clouds of rock instead.  Cumulus, stratus…blah blah blah…the lady is dope.  Self proclaimed genre shape shifters, she and her band of talented fellows are fantabulous and we know because we […]

Sonic Bloom: Ulises – He’s Givin Fever

Ulises: He’s Givin Fever By: Carolina Jones What you want?  Beats? A sexy man to sing to ya?  Well look no more.  Nestled within the folds of Dallas, TX urban artists sits a young talent with plenty of bump.  On his second LP Musically Promiscuous, Ulises definitely has the right tools to make a big […]

Sonic Bloom: TestTube Beats

Test Tube Beats: Beats by the Clone By: T. Mathenia Oh Crap. Did dude just send in a CD written on in the infamous black sharpie?  And he didn’t include any contact info! Oh wait here it is written on the CD.   Thank god his beats are dope.  We have no choice but to feature […]

Sonic Bloom: Heather Park

Heather Park “Dream in Pictures” Section: Up Next By: Mut Asheru UP Next – We have Heather Parks. She’s beautiful, talented and brave. Ms. Park bucked her parents’ wishes to follow her career. She decided to drop out of college so that she could follow that dream full-time. Heather Park was discovered in a quirky […]

DVD Review: Leon Morin, Priest

Review By: Boo Allen Leon Morin, Priest (***) In another film looking at life during wartime, the Criterion Collection debuts to DVD, and Blu-ray, a high definition digital restoration of an unusually philosophical film from French auteur Jean-Pierre Melville. Jean-Paul Belmondo plays the title character, a dedicated priest in the small occupied village of St. […]

CD Review: The Future Doesn’t Need Us by I Am The Heat

The Future Doesn’t Need Us – I Am The Heat By: T. Mathenia   I Am The Heat’s EP “The Future Doesn’t Need Us” seems to be un-mixed and accidental.  The album sounds like a bunch of high-school kids playing at being a band after school but good enough to pull off winning talent shows […]

Film Review: “Carried Away” directed by Tom Huckabee

Writer/Director: Tom Huckabee *UTM repost*   This screener copy has gone into my movie treasure pile.  Director Tom Huckabee (Ft. Worth native) spent years (at least 10) waiting to make this semi-autobiographical baby.  Good thing because that time allowed him to run into Gabriel Horn who fit in oh so perfectly in his role as […]

Film Review: Earthling directed by Clay Liford

Earthling Director: Clay Liford   What would it be like to wake up one day and realize you’re really an alien?  In most movies you would discover the truth alongside a mob on fearful humans and then be forced to resort to running for your life or worse killing a slew of people whilst running.  Thankfully, […]