LookHear: mr. Gnome – “House of Circles” Music Video

LookHear: Trey Simon

Music Documentary Review: ‘Turn It Up to Eleven 2: Wild Days, 2012’ about Korean rock band ‘Galaxy Express’

Review by: Mut Asheru Synopsis Galaxy Express is a Korean rock band that departs for a U.S. tour, the home of rock, to go on a solo tour holding an incredible but grueling 19 concerts within three weeks. Review I noticed early on in this documentary that a smile was plastered on my face. Why? […]

Daram (다람) – Daydreaming Music Video

Music Interview: Levi Weaver – Resetting and Redirecting Our Musical Compass

By: Mut “It’s All in How You Say It” Asheru As I write this Levi Weaver, whose songs about self-discovery, self-realization and self-acceptance  is back in the studio working on some additional sonic goodies for us.  In the meantime, we have all the wonderful works he already blessed us with to reflect upon and marinate […]

Sonic Bloom and Music Interveiw: Peasant on their CD “Shady Retreat”

Label: Paper Garden Records By: Ric Hickey Peasant is the brainchild of Damian DeRose, an endearing Indie Zen outsider whose music stands alone, outside of time and trends, resonating with a message of sweet defiance. Though he’s only been a recording artist for a few short years, Peasant’s music brims with confidence and worldly wisdom. […]

Music Interview: Niklas Hegfalk – A Dull Delight but in an Awesome Way.

Interview By: Mut Asheru Swedish artist Niklas Hegfalk recorded his debut solo project “At One with the Tide” mostly at his home studio in Malmo, Sweden.  Truly a testimony to heartfelt angst brought about by luv and it seems a healthy dose of depression, but hope also rears its dogged head from time to time […]

CD Review: Daffodil by Brian Copeland Band

Daffodil – Brian Copeland Band By:  Carolina Jones   Singer/Songwriter Brian Copeland has a pop conscious writing style that is heartful and earnest.  The musicality on ‘Velvet Crush’ is bluesy and sensual while ‘Perfect Explanation’ is kinda country sounding.  So already we have an eclectic mixture of music that makes this band difficult to define […]

CD Review: Live at the French Quarter Cafe – Roxie Randle

Live at the French Quarter Cafe – Roxie Randle By:  Corbyn Bricie   Perfectly paced and executed Country music. Roxie Randle’s chops are mature and sultry in a totally beautiful way.  Country music is renowned for its creative story lines and Roxie’s songwriting abilities upholds that tradition.  ‘You Were Wrong’ is beautiful in every way.  […]

CD Review: They Go In by Jeremy Megert

They Go In – Jeremy Megert By:  Carolina Jones   A little bit of rock and blues is the best way to describe Jeremy Megert’s “They Go In” EP.  Nice introspective lyrics spiced up with even spicier guitar riffs.  This is an album for an intimate bar setting.  There’s something innocent about his rough vocals.  […]