Yes! It Came From Dallas is Back!

One of our favorite yearly events is making a comeback this year: IT CAME FROM DALLAS, the Dallas Producers Association’s fundraiser. It is coming up quickly on Feb 23. This is a showcase of films that you will be utterly surprised were made in Dallas. Dallas Producers Association’s fund-raiser: IT CAME FROM DALLAS 10 returns […]

Roundtable “NO LETTING GO” Cheryl Allison and Randi Silverman discuss their indie film about a family’s struggle with their son’s mental health crisis

By Gordon K. Smith NO LETTING GO is a small but vital independent film about a family’s struggle with their son’s mental health crisis. At a roundtable interview in late March, we learned about the film and its mission from actress Cheryl Allison (Catherine the mother) and co-writer/producer Randi Silverman. The film is based on […]

Film Review: “All is Lost” Starring Robert Redford Giving a Darned Good Performance

Film review by: Gordon K. Smith It’s been forty years since Robert Redford  got his only Oscar nomination for acting, and that was for THE STING, hardly an acting showcase.  Redford is 77 now, and since then, he did win an Oscar, for his directing of 1980’s ORDINARY PEOPLE.  With the release of the gripping […]

Featured Short Film: “Highpoint Pool” by Dayla Kennedy

Highpoint Pool from Dayla Kennedy on Vimeo Set in the 1980’s a young boy makes a final plea to President Reagan, on behalf of his love interest, to stop the building of a tract home development that will replace their existing community pool. Shot 35mm anamorphic in 1999, Highpoint Pool was eventually completed in 2013 […]

Filmmaker Interview: “In a World” – Lake Bell on making her directing debut and the world of voice over’ing

By: Gordon K. Smith IN A WORLD… is a bright and original new comedy, set in a world never before the subject of a fiction film, that of Hollywood’s highly competitive voice over business, those guys – and a very few gals – who narrate movie trailers with stentorian tones guaranteed to make anything look […]

Filmmaker Interview: Korean Indie “Cats and Dogs’ Director Min Byung-woo

By: Mut Asheru (한국어) CATS AND DOGS (그 강아지 그 고양이) is an indie Korean romantic-comedy directed by Min Byung-Woo (민병우). Tagged to be Korea’s and the worlds’ first feature length film shot entirely with an iPhone4s.  Hey, we’re all for the green initiative but how does that work in regards to movies and camera […]

Horror/Sci-fi Film “Crawl Bitch Crawl” Releases Official Trailer and is acquired by Sales Representatives VMI Worldwide

Tulsa, OK – 7/15/2013 – Gritty, claustrophobic Independent Horror/Sci-fi film ‘CRAWL BITCH CRAWL’ directed by Oklahoma Ward releases Official Trailer! The HORROR film CRAWL BITCH CRAWL is… Synopsis:  An elite security team assigned the task of protecting the last known woman who can become pregnant, find themselves caught in an endless claustrophobic underground tunnel system. […]

Film Review: “Much Ado About Nothing” – Joss Whedon Style

Film Opens June 21 Angelika Dallas and Angelika Plano Review By:  Gordon K. Smith It’s good to be Joss Whedon, and make a movie as phenomenally successful as last year’s THE AVENGERS (second highest grossing film of the 21st century to date), which then allows you to make a small, low-budget black and white Shakespeare […]

Film Review: “Touch”

Review by: Mut Asheru TOUCH (directed by Byunghun Min) is a deeply moving Korean film about a family that’s in rapid decline to rock bottom status.  Perhaps a little existential in its approach the film is full of close ups and cut-tos with shaky camera work throughout which gives the film a hardline, realistic edge. […]

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