Documentary Review: “Brooklyn Rocksteady” – details the ska/rocksteady scene in Brooklyn, N.Y. during the late 80s to early 90s

Review by Mut Asheru, This is a doc made by a director with a distinct love for the “rocksteady” musical genre. If you’re not into the history of Reggae music you probably won’t be familiar enough with the subject to remain engaged throughout the duration of the film. BROOKLYN ROCKSTEADY, directed by Sam Gursky details […]

Film Review: ‘Cats and Dogs’…good movie made for the heart, from the heart…entirely with an iPhone4s

*re-upping this as ‘Cats and Dogs’ is scheduled to play at the 2013 Asian Film Festival of Dallas, July 12th & 16th. Ticket info Review by: Mut Asheru CATS AND DOGS (그 강아지 그 고양이) is an indie Korean romantic-comedy directed by Min Byung-Woo (민병우). Tagged to be Korea’s and the worlds’ first feature length […]

Filmmaker Interview: ‘Winter’s Bone’ with director Debra Granik

Director:  Debra Granik What would you do if you were a 17 year old girl and your drug making dad went missing and placed your family’s house and land up for his bond?  Oh and let me add…your mom has lost her mind and you have two your siblings both depending on you for their […]

Film Review: Skateland

Skateland Director: Anthony Burns Screenwriters: Anthony Burns, Brandon Freeman, Heath Freeman I didn’t love it.  The highlight of this film was the costuming, photography and set design.  The script was un-inspiring but well acted if that makes any sense.  I kept asking myself that one question that lets you know the film ain’t doin it […]

Film Review: Princess Kaiulani

Princess Kaiulani Review By: Mut Asheru    COURTESY ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS We all know wherever Whites went to conquer… lives were changed.  The stories that result from those changed lives always intrigues me.  Enter poor, young,  lovely Princess Kaiulani (Q’orianka Kilcher)…tragically  the last princess of Hawaii.  This is a decent film although its much too short for […]

Film Review: The Extra Man : Directed by Shari Berman and Robert Pulcini

Review By: Mut Asheru Run Time: 105 min What a strange movie.  I am a fan of quirky but this was quirk overload.  I’m not sure the thoughts were transferred to script very well which gave the film bloated whimsy.  Yet…I can’t quite totally dismiss it.  The sheer screen prowess of Kevin Kline makes it […]

Film Review: Metropia

Metropia Review By: Mut Complete with a dark theme and 2-D animation this film is visually interesting to say the least.  Visual distinctions aside, Metropia directed by Tarik Saleh is a foray into conspiracy theories and creepy script writing.  An entertaining script to be sure (it is supposed to be blandly funny at times?…I hope), […]

Film Review: Winnebago Man directed by Ben Steinbauer

Winnebago Man : Directed by Ben Steinbauer Review By: Mut Asheru   This summer has been filled with great documentaries.  The Winnebago Man is colorful to say the least.  Jack Rebney had a bleepity-bleep-bleep melt down during the taping of sales commercial in 1998.  Naturally his crew, after having had enough of this man’s temper, did a mash-up of the […]

The Road to Victory : Directed by Mike Reilly

Review By: Mut Asheru Run Time: 99 min Review By: Mut Asheru Run Time: 99 min At first glance this is a sports film wrapped up in a love story.  At second glance this is a film about self honesty wrapped up in a love story helped along by football.  Writer/Director and lead actor Mike […]

Film Review: Brotherhood directed by Will Cannon

Director/Co Writer:  Will Canon Filmed in Arlington, TX this chaotic story is pretty darn good if not irritating. BROTHERHOOD by director Will Canon explores the darker side of male bonding and gatherings.  The film opens with a fraternity prank that goes horribly wrong.  Everything spirals out of control and its one long night of chaos, […]