CD Review: ‘Unwed Mothers’ by Unwed Mothers

Review by: Corbyn Bricie Hot diggity-doggon-damn. Unwed Mothers’ self-titled CD UNWED MOTHERS is rock/blues/soul that we can wholeheartedly get behind. Usually, our reviewer opinions don’t necessarily represent the moods and feelings of the entire staff. I’m not always excited enough by what I hear to share it with everyone. But this album is something entirely […]

CD Review: Mines by Menomena

Review By: Ric Hickey Now in their tenth year, Menomena’s new release is the culmination of an amazing decade by any standard. Based out of Portland, Oregon, Menomena’s accomplishments include countless critical accolades and even a Grammy nomination for “Best Record­ing Pack­age” for their 2007 release Friend & Foe . Having scored film music and […]

Sonic Bloom: The Get Go

The Get Go : A Sparkling New Spin By: Ric Hickey I am always pleasantly surprised when a musical act can take the age-old building blocks of Rock n Roll and re-shape and re-distribute the pieces to create something totally fresh and original. Based out of Chicago, The Get Go is the latest band to […]

Interview: Brotherhood of Dae Han

Brotherhood of Dae Han By: Mut Asheru Found em on Ourstage.Com   So we’re tempted not to write an article at all and just let the music speak for itself, but no that wouldn’t be right.  After all, we’re only playing one of their tracks for you and that wouldn’t paint a complete picture at […]

Music Interview: The Crash That Took Me on their Album “Chlorine Colored Eyes”

The Crash That Took Me By: Ric Hickey Just three tracks into their new release Chlorine Colored Eyes Dallas, TX band The Crash That Took Me captures the elusive lightning in a bottle. After building the hypnotic hooks of “Through The Pattern And Out The Other Side” for a steady rollin’ three and a half […]

Music Interview: Tanner Horn & The Sextronauts

  By: Mut Asheru I’m turned on.  Could it be all this “Sex Rock” in the air that Tanner Horn and the Sextronauts are dishing out?  There’s something truly sexy about a band with a charismatic, edgy sound and persona that drives us crazy in a good way. Compared to the likes of Mick Jagger […]

CD Review: And Then We Ignite – Ash Avenue

And Then We Ignite : Ash Avenue By: Mut Asheru And Then We Ignite is a good collection of tunes.  Ash Avenue seems to feel real comfortable in their zone.  I appreciate the vocal harmonies  on this ablum.  This band and lead are a match made in heaven as his innocent sounding voice is wonderfully […]

Music Interview: Mr. Gnome – Best Band Name Ever?

By: Mut Asheru Shhhh don’t talk. Just listen… We’re not here to offer up any stinkin comparisons with this group to anyone else.  We’re going to go out on a professional limb and declare Mr. Gnome their own damn rock band with their own damn rock sound. Don’t let this cute as buttons Ohio duo […]

Music Interview: Pictures of Then

By: Mut Asheru Minneapolis indie group, Pictures of Then formed in 2005 and immediately set to work finding a sonic balance between reverence for the past and vision of the future, fashioning a sound that reflected their aptly chosen name. The Minneapolis, MN based quintet’s debut album, “Crushed By Lights”, has been widely acclaimed, earning […]

Sonic Bloom: Sub Rosa

By: Carolina Jones For an album recorded in someone’s bedroom, this damn thing is beautiful.  Indie band Sub Rosa’s album Slings & Arrows is moody rock played expertly. Vocalist Jennifer Boeder must have angels sleeping in her throat.  Her vocals dip and glide over ‘White Flag’ and other tunes that merge and flow into each […]