LookHear: sogyumoda – ‘Slow Diving Table’

Music Interview: Levi Weaver – Resetting and Redirecting Our Musical Compass

By: Mut “It’s All in How You Say It” Asheru As I write this Levi Weaver, whose songs about self-discovery, self-realization and self-acceptance  is back in the studio working on some additional sonic goodies for us.  In the meantime, we have all the wonderful works he already blessed us with to reflect upon and marinate […]

Sonic Bloom and Music Interveiw: Peasant on their CD “Shady Retreat”

Label: Paper Garden Records By: Ric Hickey Peasant is the brainchild of Damian DeRose, an endearing Indie Zen outsider whose music stands alone, outside of time and trends, resonating with a message of sweet defiance. Though he’s only been a recording artist for a few short years, Peasant’s music brims with confidence and worldly wisdom. […]

Music Interview: Michael Gulezian – Definition Defied

By: Susan M. Botich Trying to define Gulezian’s music proves to be hopelessly impossible. Gulezian, himself, jokes about it by calling it, “acoustic trance, neo-classical, deep powder anti-gravitational freestyle big mogul, alternative instrumental soul.” He laughs, then adds, “I’m a very fiery and emotional person, and the music that comes through me simply is a […]

CD Review: Live at the French Quarter Cafe – Roxie Randle

Live at the French Quarter Cafe – Roxie Randle By:  Corbyn Bricie   Perfectly paced and executed Country music. Roxie Randle’s chops are mature and sultry in a totally beautiful way.  Country music is renowned for its creative story lines and Roxie’s songwriting abilities upholds that tradition.  ‘You Were Wrong’ is beautiful in every way.  […]

CD Review: Our Held Hope in Cadence

Our Held Hope in Cadence – Chris Prouty CD Review By:  T. Mathenia Stop the press and whatever else you have going on.  This album must find it’s way into a CD player near you.  Canadian artist Chris Prouty has given the world something new and fantastic with “Our Held Hope in Cadence”.  His light, airy […]

CD Review:Synchronicity by Marqseven

Synchronicity – Marqseven By:  Carolina Jones Marqseven’s “Synchronicity” is a gentle ripple in a jazzy ocean.  The opening track ‘U’ is a simplistic guitar acoustic ode to someone named Shay which leads to her equally simplistic yet totally beautiful cover of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘True Colors’.  I was afraid that every track would be as equally sparse but lo […]

Interview: Patrick Leonard : Dreamy Spaciousnesssssss

By: Mut Asheru Indie recording artist Patrick Leonard has beautiful songwriting swagger.  *It’s important to note here that we’re not talking about the mega producer/songwriter Patrick Leonard of Madonna fame** The indie music artist Patrick that we present before you here and now is relatively fresh meat and his debut solo album Begin the Beginning […]

Singer Ronny Morris on his Award Winning Album “Sweet Silence”

Interview By: Mut Asheru If its taken 5 years to put out his first album I shudder to think how the long we have to wait for the second.  Luckily, Ronny Morris and his debut album “Sweet Silence” is a polished cave of gently wondrous melody and perfectly pitched vocals.  His work and energy is […]

Sonic Bloom: Shotgun Honeymoon

Bio Born in Lexington, KY, Shotgun Honeymoon always displayed a love and passion for music. After moving around from state to state with his family, they finally settled in a small town by the name of Boca Raton, FL; A town that he still considers home. While attending college at Florida State University, one summer […]