Filmmaker Interview: RT with “Gimme Shelter” Director Ronald Krauss, Actress Vanessa Hudgens and Kathy Difiore whose real-life work with homeless and pregnant girls in New Jersey inspired the film

Written by: Gordon K. Smith You will find no Hell’s Angels or Rolling Stones in GIMME SHELTER,  the inspirational new movie by writer / director Ronald Krauss, which stars Vanessa Hudgens, again “branching out” from her Disney image (but without twerking).   The fact-based story features the 26-year-old Hudgens convincingly playing a gritty 16-year-old pregnant runaway […]

Filmmaker Interview – Mark Birnbaum discusses his documentary “Swingman”

By: Gordon K Smith Making its world premiere during the Dallas VideoFest 25 is SWINGMAN. Mark Birnbaum’s documentary tells the story of a Fort Worth firefighter’s life and emotional journey after a biking accident left him a quadriplegic, and does so with without ever resorting to schmaltz or sentimentality. We met with Mark, the subject […]