Filmmaker Interview: RT with “Gimme Shelter” Director Ronald Krauss, Actress Vanessa Hudgens and Kathy Difiore whose real-life work with homeless and pregnant girls in New Jersey inspired the film

Written by: Gordon K. Smith You will find no Hell’s Angels or Rolling Stones in GIMME SHELTER,  the inspirational new movie by writer / director Ronald Krauss, which stars Vanessa Hudgens, again “branching out” from her Disney image (but without twerking).   The fact-based story features the 26-year-old Hudgens convincingly playing a gritty 16-year-old pregnant runaway […]

Film Review / Interview: ‘The Happy Poet’ directed by Paul Gordon

This review was done by our founding “Unsigned The Magazine” which is no longer in service but we can’t let a good interview go to waste soooo…REEEPOST.  Review below. Review By: Mut “I do this for fun” Asheru This is a comedy about a guy who’s dream is to make tasty healthy food that is […]

Film Director Interview: Bryan Poyser : “Lover’s of Hate”

Written by: Mut Asheru Lover’s of Hate has managed to stir up a lot of love for itself this year on the indie film festival circuit.  The film’s condensed cast of 4 main characters, intense timeline and mainly one shoot location provides the right amount of claustrophobic-ness needed for a crowded love affair that lends […]