Film Review: “Breathe Me” a short film about teenage pregnancy in South Korea and a couple of parent kids that have no conscious…do they?

Review by: Mut “hi-there” Asheru Very early on through dark lighting, abandoned locations and a lonely winding road the Korean short film BREATHE ME effectively creates a sense of overwhelming hopelessness the main characters must feel given their situation.  A high school boy and a girl give birth to a baby inside an abandoned bus. […]

Film Review: Pedro Almodóvar’s “I’m So Excited”…get yo head in the clouds cuz this one is out there!

Movie Review by: Mut Asheru Pedro Almodóvar’s I’M SO EXCITED is a great time at the movies. It’s a foreign language film (Spanish) with subtitles so yes reading is involved. The number of laughs that the script and cast delivers is well worth the effort. The beginning disclaimer says it all…“Everything in this film is fantasy, […]

Korean Film Review: ‘Two Weddings and a Funeral’…a Korean movie about coming out

Review By: Mut Asheru TWO WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL directed by Kimjho Gwang-soo is a light-hearted (for the most part) movie about some of the questions every gay person faces.  Mainly, should I come out or hide? Coming out in Korea is probably one of the more difficult countries to do that in but the […]

Film Review: “Much Ado About Nothing” – Joss Whedon Style

Film Opens June 21 Angelika Dallas and Angelika Plano Review By:  Gordon K. Smith It’s good to be Joss Whedon, and make a movie as phenomenally successful as last year’s THE AVENGERS (second highest grossing film of the 21st century to date), which then allows you to make a small, low-budget black and white Shakespeare […]

Film Review: “Touch”

Review by: Mut Asheru TOUCH (directed by Byunghun Min) is a deeply moving Korean film about a family that’s in rapid decline to rock bottom status.  Perhaps a little existential in its approach the film is full of close ups and cut-tos with shaky camera work throughout which gives the film a hardline, realistic edge. […]

Film Review: ‘The Iceman’ a solid movie you won’t mind spending your cash on

Opening at the Angelkia (Dallas) 5/10 Review By: Mut Asheru Let’s just start off with the facts. THE ICEMAN is a good movie. Direction, script and casting are all a go making THE ICEMAN a movie you won’t mind spending your cash on. Directed by Ariel Vromen, the film is based on Anthony Bruno’s novel The […]

Film Review: ‘Mud’ – Matthew McConaughey’s finest performance to date

Film Review by: Gordon K. Smith Matthew McConaughey gives his finest performance to date in the eponymous MUD, a role he seems born to play.  It’s a flawed but engrossing melodrama that, in an era of rampant “hicksploitation” on tacky reality TV shows, presents an authentic and deeply atmospheric depiction of rural Southerners, thanks to […]

2013 DIFF Animated Short Film Review: Irish Folk Furniture

Our favorite animated short hands down. IRISH FOLK FURNITURE by director Tony Donoghue, uses stop-motion animation to tell the tale of how old, used furniture is refurbished. The interesting thing here is the narration of the short. We get the valued history of the pieces from the owners and the restorer. IRISH FOLK FURNITURE is […]

Film Review: Django Unchained – Exhilarating, Unwatchable…and a lot of other things

Film Review: Gordon K. Smith One part spaghetti western, one part ’70s blaxploitation, one part alternate-universe historical revision, Quentin Tarantino’s DJANGO UNCHAINED is, by turns, funny, shrewd, repellent, breathtaking, exhilarating, unwatchable, and a lot of other things. It starts as a spot-on imitation of ’60s spaghetti westerns, down to the blood-red title graphics, the tacky […]

Film Review: Les Miserables – Visceral, Engrossing and Sometimes Powerful

Film Review: Gordon K. Smith I saw Cameron Mackintosh’s musical megahit “Les Miserables” on stage once, at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale in the late ’90s. I was in the balcony and since I couldn’t hear half the lyrics, don’t remember much of the plot and mostly remember the spectacular […]