DVD Review: Leon Morin, Priest

Review By: Boo Allen Leon Morin, Priest (***) In another film looking at life during wartime, the Criterion Collection debuts to DVD, and Blu-ray, a high definition digital restoration of an unusually philosophical film from French auteur Jean-Pierre Melville. Jean-Paul Belmondo plays the title character, a dedicated priest in the small occupied village of St. […]

DVD Review: Erasing David

Review By: Boo Allen In this compelling documentary, British actor and filmmaker David Bond uses Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me” approach and uses himself to make a statement about the trail of information individuals unwittingly leave behind them. Bond hires and then has filmed a private investigation firm to track him and possibly find him […]

DVD Review: The Sacrifice

Review By:  Boo Allen Kino International re-issues and gives a Blu-ray debut to this haunting enigma from internationally renowned Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky. Like all of his films, this one, his last before dying of cancer in 1986, challenges viewers, dealing in metaphysical questions that require diffuse conversations often resulting in long, lingering shots (his […]

DVD Review: Gods and Men

Review By: Boo Allen In this fact-based drama presumed to be based on the Cistercian monks of Tibehirine in Algeria, a group of cloistered men must weigh their faith in the face of mounting danger. In the early 1990s, Muslim fundamentalist terrorists began murderous assaults in the area of the monastery. While the French monks […]

DVD Review: The Adjustment Bureau

Review By: Boo Allen Poor Matt Damon. He is so confused. He has a dilemma: follow his dreams and passions and end up with the love of his life—Emily Blunt no less, or, he can follow the proscribed “plan,” the future laid out for him by a vaguely defined group of fixers known as “The […]

DVD Review: The Company Men

Review By: Boo Allen This grim drama centers on Bobby (Ben Affleck), a big shot corporate executive unexpectedly fired. He goes into denial about his prospects, as he stumbles through his new unemployed status. Soon, others from his firm follow (Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper). Writer/director John Wells captures the agony involved with not only […]

DVD Review: The Lupe Velez Collection

Review By: Boo Allen The Girl from Mexico, Mexican Spitfire, Mexican Spitfire Out West, Mexican Spitfire’s Baby, Mexican Spitfire at Sea, Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost, Mexican Spitfire’s Elephant, Mexican Spitfire’s Blessed Event. Mexican beauty Lupe Velez appeared in around 44 films before her suicide at 36. Her career peaked in 1939 when she made […]

DVD Review: The Bob Hoskins Handmade Films Collection

Review By: Boo Allen Mona Lisa, The Long Good Friday, The Raggedy Rawney, The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne. Bob Hoskins’ unlikely yet prolonged and successful career is highlighted in this collection of four fine movies on four discs. His versatility shines first in “Mona Lisa” (1986, rated R, 104 minutes) and “Long/Friday,” (1980, rated […]