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DIFF 2013 Film Review: Dirty Wars – this documentary highlights questionable deeds being done in the name of America

Review By: Mut Asheru DIRTY WARS starts off right where it should. With scary truth. Beautifully shot and tightly edited it is hard to believe that it is the work of %100 real life journalistic reporting.  This documentary is dramatic and heart-wrenching in the light of day. In the dark of night. It’s terrifying. With […]

Film Review: Standard Operating Procedure: by Errol Morris

Review By: Gordon K. Smith   It would be interesting to see how “torture porn” junkies — those who willfully plop down ten hard-earned to see young folks being gleefully dissected in movies with numbers in their titles — would react to “Standard Operating Procedure”, avant-garde documentary director Errol Morris’ dissection of the real-life torture […]

Interview: ROGER NYGARD’S: The Nature of Existence – A Documentary of Cosmic Stuff

The Nature of Existence – Theatrical Trailer from Roger Nygard on Vimeo. By:  Gordon K. Smith Although he has made narrative features, writer/producer/director Roger Nygard has a special knack for investigating the world of belief systems and how they rule human behavior. His earlier documentaries TREKKIES (1997), TREKKIES 2 (2004) and SIX DAYS IN ROSWELL […]

DVD Review: Erasing David

Review By: Boo Allen In this compelling documentary, British actor and filmmaker David Bond uses Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me” approach and uses himself to make a statement about the trail of information individuals unwittingly leave behind them. Bond hires and then has filmed a private investigation firm to track him and possibly find him […]