DIFF 2014 Film Review: ‘R100’ by Director Hitoshi Matsumoto – There’s a silly mastery of the sexual in R100 that never relents

Review by: Bill Graham There’s a silly mastery of the sexual in R100 that never relents. Whether you find the movie to be your flavor or not, you can tell that director Hitoshi Matsumoto is determined to infuse as many layers as he can to what could have been a very singular, one-note comedy. We […]

DIFF 2014 Film Review: ‘Hellion’ is flawlessly performed

Review by: Bill Graham Children are a fascinating subject matter because their youth make the absurd seem ordinary. We expect them to not understand the rules of our world. That everything isn’t easily solved. You can’t just steal what you want, but youth makes you ignorant of these things. That’s the path Hellion takes. We […]

Film Review: “Flutter” – 1 of Our DIFF 2014 ‘Big Hit’ Predictions

By: Mut Asheru FLUTTER, directed by Eric Hueber, is getting ready to make its world premiere in the Texas Competition category at the 2014 Dallas International Film Festival and we’re predicting it will be a big deal for all the right reasons. Flutter is written by Eric Hueber (screenplay, story) and Tony Franklin Jr. (story) with […]