Book Review: Mogul by Terrance Dean

Review By: Latasha Dennis I recommend this book to readers who have an open mind and can look beyond sexual orientation and music to find the key message on what it is to get what you want by searching and finding the inner voice inside yourself. “How come I am so conflicted? Why am I […]

Book Review: The Complete Quincy Jones – My Journey and Passions

The Complete Quincy Jones: My Journey & Passions (Insight Editions) By Quincy Jones Review By: Mut Asheru How do I do Quincy Jones justice?  I can’t.  So the next best step is to let him take over and tell you his story in his own words.  In the case of his new book “The Complete Quincy […]

CD Review: Mines by Menomena

Review By: Ric Hickey Now in their tenth year, Menomena’s new release is the culmination of an amazing decade by any standard. Based out of Portland, Oregon, Menomena’s accomplishments include countless critical accolades and even a Grammy nomination for “Best Record­ing Pack­age” for their 2007 release Friend & Foe . Having scored film music and […]

Music Interview: Michael Gulezian – Definition Defied

By: Susan M. Botich Trying to define Gulezian’s music proves to be hopelessly impossible. Gulezian, himself, jokes about it by calling it, “acoustic trance, neo-classical, deep powder anti-gravitational freestyle big mogul, alternative instrumental soul.” He laughs, then adds, “I’m a very fiery and emotional person, and the music that comes through me simply is a […]

Interview: Brotherhood of Dae Han

Brotherhood of Dae Han By: Mut Asheru Found em on Ourstage.Com   So we’re tempted not to write an article at all and just let the music speak for itself, but no that wouldn’t be right.  After all, we’re only playing one of their tracks for you and that wouldn’t paint a complete picture at […]

Film Review: Conan the Barbarian – New and Improved?

Conan The Barbarian (2011) Directed By: Marcus Nispel By: Mut “I Know What I’m Talkin Bout” Asheru Let me step in here and help this film out.  My boo Conan (Jason Mamoa) needs me.  The new Conan The Barbarian film has taken a lot of flack from us flacks.  Some have called the film all […]

Sonic Bloom: Ulises – He’s Givin Fever

Ulises: He’s Givin Fever By: Carolina Jones What you want?  Beats? A sexy man to sing to ya?  Well look no more.  Nestled within the folds of Dallas, TX urban artists sits a young talent with plenty of bump.  On his second LP Musically Promiscuous, Ulises definitely has the right tools to make a big […]

Music Interview: Mint Condition…Still In

Interview By: LeLe Symone If success is simply a numbers game, then Mint Condition definitely qualifies.  After cultivating hundreds of thousands of fans, dozens of hit singles and seven studio albums over a two decade period, the five-man band is experiencing one of their hottest years yet, and it isn’t just about the summer’s record-breaking heat. […]

Indie Film Review: Alabama Moon

Alabama Moon Writer/Director: Tim McCanlies   Alabama Moon directed by Tim McCanlies is an smart and entertaining kids film based off the novel by Watt Key.  The film has the spirit of a Huck Finn tale. Moon (Jimmy Bennett) and his Pap (J.D. Evermore) live as homesteaders in rural Alabama.  Pap is a conspiracy theorist […]

CD Review: Daffodil by Brian Copeland Band

Daffodil – Brian Copeland Band By:  Carolina Jones   Singer/Songwriter Brian Copeland has a pop conscious writing style that is heartful and earnest.  The musicality on ‘Velvet Crush’ is bluesy and sensual while ‘Perfect Explanation’ is kinda country sounding.  So already we have an eclectic mixture of music that makes this band difficult to define […]