Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to Appear at “Blood and Ice Cream” Trilogy Showing for Q&A at the Alamo Drafthouse Richardson, July 25

Richardson, TX, June 25, 2013—On Thursday, July 25, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Richardson (http://drafthouse.com/dfw/richardson) will host a very special FREE advance screening of THE WORLD’S END inside the yet-to-be-open Alamo Drafthouse Richardson followed by a FREE double feature of the classics SHAUN OF THE DEAD (2004) and HOT FUZZ (2007) outside in the Alamo parking lot on the 40-foot Rolling Roadshow screen. THE WORLD’S END is […]

CD Review: Love Has No Recession by Kindred

Review By: LeLe Symone For the last decade, Fatin Dantzler and Aja Graydon, AKA Kindred the Family Soul, have fallen in love, married and raised a family while dropping hit songs about life and relationships. Now, ten years, a web-series (“6 Is It”) and a toddler later, the Philidelphia natives return with their latest CD, Love Has No […]

Film Review: Hysteria – Opens at Angelika Dallas & Angelika Plano on Friday, June 1

Review By: Gordon K. Smith In the 19th century, and well into the 20th,  “hysteria” was recognized as an actual medical condition used to describe a wide range of female complaints, from fatigue, to boredom, irrationality, neurosis, and a whole range of sexual disorders.  The officially prescribed treatment for this malady was a visit to […]

Sonic Bloom: TestTube Beats

Test Tube Beats: Beats by the Clone By: T. Mathenia Oh Crap. Did dude just send in a CD written on in the infamous black sharpie?  And he didn’t include any contact info! Oh wait here it is written on the CD.   Thank god his beats are dope.  We have no choice but to feature […]

Sonic Bloom: Heather Park

Heather Park “Dream in Pictures” Section: Up Next By: Mut Asheru UP Next – We have Heather Parks. She’s beautiful, talented and brave. Ms. Park bucked her parents’ wishes to follow her career. She decided to drop out of college so that she could follow that dream full-time. Heather Park was discovered in a quirky […]

DVD Review: Winter in Wartime

Review By: Boo Allen Winter in Wartime (***) This exquisitely photographed Dutch film takes place in January, 1945, when World War Two neared an end, and Germans troops still occupied an increasingly fretful Holland. When an English pilot (Jamie Campbell Bower) crash lands in a nearby forest, young Michiel (Martijn Lakemeier) finds himself unwittingly caring […]


If you’re in Media/Marketing at a record label, publishing house, film studio or a publicist working for yourself or an agency, some of the hardest work you’ll ever do is garnering coverage for your artist. If you’re not sending e-mail blasts and calling editors and writers, you’re forwarding bios, samples/trailers and generally, doing everything possible […]

DVD Review: Erasing David

Review By: Boo Allen In this compelling documentary, British actor and filmmaker David Bond uses Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me” approach and uses himself to make a statement about the trail of information individuals unwittingly leave behind them. Bond hires and then has filmed a private investigation firm to track him and possibly find him […]

DVD Review: The Sacrifice

Review By:  Boo Allen Kino International re-issues and gives a Blu-ray debut to this haunting enigma from internationally renowned Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky. Like all of his films, this one, his last before dying of cancer in 1986, challenges viewers, dealing in metaphysical questions that require diffuse conversations often resulting in long, lingering shots (his […]

DVD Review: Gods and Men

Review By: Boo Allen In this fact-based drama presumed to be based on the Cistercian monks of Tibehirine in Algeria, a group of cloistered men must weigh their faith in the face of mounting danger. In the early 1990s, Muslim fundamentalist terrorists began murderous assaults in the area of the monastery. While the French monks […]