Music Interview: Soul Singer Ledisi on Her Book Entitled Better Than Alright

By: Lele Symone Ledisi’s slow and steady successes as a performer and as a woman have done more than pack venues and move units—it’s placed her at the forefront of a burgeoning self-love movement, and instead of running from the term ‘role model’ like other peers, she’s embracing it.   In addition to meeting and […]

Music Interview: Kindred the Family Soul on Their Latest Album

Interview By: LeLe Symone Fluctuating stocks, a stagnant job market and doing everything to keep the bills paid….it’s safe to say that most folks are struggling to maintain personally and professionally these days. As hard as it can become, however, one of R&B’s most celebrated duos, Kindred the Family Soul, is back in the mix […]

Film Review: Bernie

Film Review by: Gordon K. Smith A distant cousin to the Coen brother’s FARGO, Richard Linklater’s wickedly funny BERNIE is another black-comedy retelling of a bizarre true crime in rural America, with heavy doses of local atmosphere and dialect (with the exception that FARGO only claimed to be based on fact – it wasn’t). The stranger-than-fiction crime […]

Film Review: Hugo

Review By: Gordon K. Smith One of my indelible memories of moviegoing in the seventies was the PSA for the Will Rogers Institute you had to sit through at some theaters before getting down to STAR WARS or ANNIE HALL, wherein someone like Roy Scheider would pitch for that charity and, sure enough, half-interested ushers […]

Theater Review: Shatner’s World: We Just Live in it…

Theater Review By:  Gordon K. Smith In February 2012, William Shatner, at age 80 still finding new worlds to explore, opened his one -man show “Shatner’s World: We Just Live in It” at Broadway’s Music Box Theatre to good reviews, and three weeks later took it on the road.   I caught the performance at The […]

Film Review: John Carter

Review By: Gordon Sm Those who found AVATAR too derivative a couple of years back took to calling it DANCES WITH ALIENS – that designation is actually an even closer fit to JOHN CARTER, a similar giant-budget stranger-in-a-strange-land epic.  Like DANCES WITH WOLVES, it also concerns a rebellious Civil War vet who winds up in […]

Sonic Bloom: Josh Doyle – Still Delivering the Goods

Written By: Rahsian Parris Photography by Luke Yates It has been ten years since the Dum Dums first rocked their way onto UK airwaves and into our hearts, but one underrated album, a string of catchy singles and a breakup later; ex front man, Josh Doyle, still delivers the goods as an independent solo artist. […]

Sonic Bloom: The Get Go

The Get Go : A Sparkling New Spin By: Ric Hickey I am always pleasantly surprised when a musical act can take the age-old building blocks of Rock n Roll and re-shape and re-distribute the pieces to create something totally fresh and original. Based out of Chicago, The Get Go is the latest band to […]

Sonic Bloom and Music Interveiw: Peasant on their CD “Shady Retreat”

Label: Paper Garden Records By: Ric Hickey Peasant is the brainchild of Damian DeRose, an endearing Indie Zen outsider whose music stands alone, outside of time and trends, resonating with a message of sweet defiance. Though he’s only been a recording artist for a few short years, Peasant’s music brims with confidence and worldly wisdom. […]

Sonic Bloom: Film Composer – Nima Fakharara

Nima Fakhrara By: Mut “I Make Up Words As I Go Along” Asheru There’s a wonderful indie film on the scene called One Hour Fantasy Girl and it has within its framework a score done by up-and-comming film composer Nima Fakhrara, , a protege of Hans Zimmer and who scored the Joker theme along with […]