Film Roundtable: “Orion” – a post-apocalyptic, visually striking film and a David Arquette harsher than we’re used to seeing

By Gordon K. Smith The 2016 Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF 2016), which concluded in April, featured no less than three films with a “post-apocalyptic” theme; the most visually striking of these was ORION, by second-time writer/director Asiel Norton and starring David Arquette in a role harsher than what we’re used to seeing him in.   […]

2014 Dallas International Film Festival: Call for Entries

DIFF 2014 is on the hunt for the most inventive, most interesting and most entertaining films for the 8th-annual Dallas International Film Festival, which runs April 3-13, 2014. During the past seven years, the Festival has featured more than 1,335 films from around the world, and has awarded $490,000 in prizes. We can’t wait to […]

DIFF 2013 Film Review: The Kings of Summer

THE KINGS OF SUMMER is movie rich on casting while a tad bit short on script magic. With that said, it’s a very cute film that is watchable…once. Debuting in the comedy genre, there are laughs to be had but not remembered. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts and Screenwriter Chris Galletta teamed up to tell a coming […]

DIFF 2013 Film Review: Midnight’s Children based off of the book by Salman Rushdie

Review by: Mut Asheru At the stroke of midnight on August 15, 1947, as India declares independence from Great Britain, two babies are switched at birth by a nurse in a Bombay hospital. And so it is that Saleem Sinai (Satya Bhabha), the bastard child of a beggar woman, and Shiva (Siddharth), the only son […]

DIFF 2013 Film Review: Cry

Review By: Mut Asheru Filmed in Dallas, CRY tells the story a bullied teenager Carson Johnson (Skyy Moore) struggling to survive his high school torments and a lonely elderly man Cable Malone (Bill Flynn) wrestling with the loss of his wife and his own mortality. When a tragic accident entangles their lives, their budding friendship […]

DIFF 2013 Roundtable Interview: TOMLINSON HILL Producer Chris Tomlinson and Director Lisa Kaselak

By:  Gordon K. Smith Part of the Texas Competition at the 2013 Dallas International Film Festival is TOMLINSON HILL, an incisive documentary about race and class in Marlin, Texas, about two hours outside of Dallas.  It’s the work of producer Chris Tomlinson, a white former AP Bureau Chief in East Africa, and director Lisa Kaselak, […]

DIFF 2013 Film Review: JUMP…there’s murder, attempted suicide and of course love

Review By: Mut Asheru Pretty opening shot after pretty opening shot. Pretty girl wants to die. Based on the stage play of the same name by Lisa McGee JUMP unfolds in a CRASH type manner wherein the lives of several young people collide in a fantastically frantic fashion. Taking place in Ireland, the hero, heroine […]

DIFF 2013 Roundtable: Christian Sosa, Tyler Glodt, and Matt Albrecht discuss their zombie flick ‘Buck WildWILD (no relation to the MTV series)

By: Gordon K Smith Midnight movie screenings for the crazier stuff are now a staple of film festivals, and the 2013 Dallas International Film Festival is no exception.  One of this year’s Midnight Specials is BUCK WILD (no relation to the MTV series), which combines deerhunting, zombie outbreaks, psycho rednecks…and slapstick.    At a March roundtable […]

DIFF 2013 Film Review: Azooma – A South Korean movie about a pedophile and a mother’s revenge

Movie Review by: Mut Asheru Playing at this year’s Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF 2013) is the Korean drama Azooma (공정사회). A  gut-twisting tale of a mother’s revenge  directed/written by Lee Ji-seung (이지승). Overall I liked it. This Busan International Film Festival  winner is about a pedophile that kidnaps and rapes a 10-year-old girl and […]

Filmmaker Interview: Director Norry Niven on his flim CHASING SHAKESPEARE featuring Danny Glover and Graham Greene

By: Gordon K. Smith CHASING SHAKESPEARE is a romantic drama with more than the usual quota of twists, even for a Romeo & Juliet tale – it concerns an African-American father (Danny Glover ) and a Shakespeare-obsessed Native American mother (Tantoo Cardinal) at the end of their time together, and flashes back to the early […]