CD Review: “Oblivion Hymns” by Hammock – You need some light ambient in your life and this is a great place to get it

CD Review by: Corbyn Bricie A blissful entry into the world of light ambient music, OBLIVION HYMNS by Hammock doesn’t meander around hoping to offer itself as a pick me up. It scoops you up for a piggyback ride immediately. And around track two ‘Then the Quiet Explosion’ you’re floating blissfully and happily amongst the […]

Sonic Bloom: Indie Artist Interview: T. Riley…noooo not Teddy

By: Corbyn Bricie T. Riley (no not Teddy) is a reformed pilot who decided to clip her wings settle in Canada and soar through the clouds of rock instead.  Cumulus, stratus…blah blah blah…the lady is dope.  Self proclaimed genre shape shifters, she and her band of talented fellows are fantabulous and we know because we […]

CD Review: Caveat Emptor – The Whirling Dervish

Caveat Emptor -The Whirling Dervish By:  Corbyn Bricie Can’t describe this one.  And that’s a sure sign of dopeness.  I don’t know what it is or how they do it but The Whirling Dervish have converted me to their brand of rock, er emo, er um punk….geeze I don’t know.  Definitely socially driven in their song […]

Music Interview: UK Songbird – Alex Hepburn

By: Corbyn Bricie Blessed with beauty and elegance, UK artist Alex Hepburn has a voice that could rock and knock the angels off their clouds.  She’s been through some mess though, so turn away if you like your femme songbirds delicate. She’s been in the game a relatively short time but has learned a precious lot.  And we […]

Sonic Bloom: Indie Rap Artist – Money Waters

Written by: Corbyn Bricie We heard about Money Waters before we got to SXSW. Somewhat of a southern rap media hero, he has been compared to Cee-Lo Green and Devin the Dude. When someone has been written about and praised as much as him, we tend to like to see what the hype is about. […]

Film Review: “Now You See Me” by Writer / Director Attila Szasz

By: Corbyn Bricie In the life of short films, you gotta grab em fast. From the gate, Hungarian Director/Writer Attila Szasz had this movie critic riveted. And in the end, I really don’t understand just how NOW YOU SEE ME NOW YOU DON’T  held my attention. Truly making this mystery / horror film a mystery. I […]

Interview: Goddamn Electric Bill

Goddamn Electric Bill  – Swallowed by the Machines By: Corbyn Bricie It’s been a hectic year and a half for Jason Torbert. At the beginning of 2005 he was recording random sounds and exotic noises into his computer just for fun. In 2006 those sounds have turned into a San Diego Music Award nomination, a […]