CD Review: ‘Sexy Beat’ by MBLAQ – Dare I say this collection is for grown folk…or at least grownish folk

Review by: Mut “yup I said it” Asheru Okay here we go. MBLAQ’s 5th mini album (or EP as it were) SEXY BEAT is an aptly titled body of work. The sound is decidedly more sexy and smooth than their previous albums. Dare I say this collection is for grown folk…or at least grownish folk. […]

CD Review: ‘Unwed Mothers’ by Unwed Mothers

Review by: Corbyn Bricie Hot diggity-doggon-damn. Unwed Mothers’ self-titled CD UNWED MOTHERS is rock/blues/soul that we can wholeheartedly get behind. Usually, our reviewer opinions don’t necessarily represent the moods and feelings of the entire staff. I’m not always excited enough by what I hear to share it with everyone. But this album is something entirely […]

CD Review: Love Has No Recession by Kindred

Review By: LeLe Symone For the last decade, Fatin Dantzler and Aja Graydon, AKA Kindred the Family Soul, have fallen in love, married and raised a family while dropping hit songs about life and relationships. Now, ten years, a web-series (“6 Is It”) and a toddler later, the Philidelphia natives return with their latest CD, Love Has No […]

CD Review: Mines by Menomena

Review By: Ric Hickey Now in their tenth year, Menomena’s new release is the culmination of an amazing decade by any standard. Based out of Portland, Oregon, Menomena’s accomplishments include countless critical accolades and even a Grammy nomination for “Best Record­ing Pack­age” for their 2007 release Friend & Foe . Having scored film music and […]

CD Review: Live at the French Quarter Cafe – Roxie Randle

Live at the French Quarter Cafe – Roxie Randle By:  Corbyn Bricie   Perfectly paced and executed Country music. Roxie Randle’s chops are mature and sultry in a totally beautiful way.  Country music is renowned for its creative story lines and Roxie’s songwriting abilities upholds that tradition.  ‘You Were Wrong’ is beautiful in every way.  […]

CD Review: Inside My Head by Clare Reynolds

Inside My Head – Clare Reynolds By: Corbyn Bricie   Does the world have any more room for angel voiced songstresses?  I certainly hope so because debut album “Inside My Head” by Clare Reynolds is a testament to what a sweet voice can do for your mood and heart.  Think Sarah Maclaughlin but a tad bit […]

CD Review: The Future Doesn’t Need Us by I Am The Heat

The Future Doesn’t Need Us – I Am The Heat By: T. Mathenia   I Am The Heat’s EP “The Future Doesn’t Need Us” seems to be un-mixed and accidental.  The album sounds like a bunch of high-school kids playing at being a band after school but good enough to pull off winning talent shows […]

CD Review: Just Me by Brian McKnight

Review By: LeLe Symone Unless you’re royalty or an heir to a fortune, you can’t find a lifestyle with any better perks than to be the child of a certified celebrity. Instant name recognition? Check. Regularly kicking it at premieres and award shows? Check. Access to extra cash and networking opportunities? Already. So it’s no wonder that […]

CD Review: Everything Coincidental by John Tinger

Everything Coincidental – John Tinger By: Mut Asheru   John Tinger has gone from a rock musician to an acoustic ambient mood enhancer.  His album “Everything Coincidental” is soothing and quietly stimulating.  The tendency with most ambient acoustical efforts is to become dull thorough fare that doesn’t audibly enhance and is easily forgettable.  Here Tinger […]

CD Review: They Go In by Jeremy Megert

They Go In – Jeremy Megert By:  Carolina Jones   A little bit of rock and blues is the best way to describe Jeremy Megert’s “They Go In” EP.  Nice introspective lyrics spiced up with even spicier guitar riffs.  This is an album for an intimate bar setting.  There’s something innocent about his rough vocals.  […]