Trailer Love: The Stone (스톤)

27 Asian Films Granted Eligibility for Busan’s 2013 International Film Festival Asian Cinema Fund

Busan International Film Festival Asian Cinema Fund (ACF) Latest Funding Decisions Announced   A total of 27 projects – 16 Asian projects, 11 Korean projects – are selected for Asian Cinema Fund 2013 [Press Release]Asian Cinema Fund (ACF) is a unified body of production support programs for the worldwide development and promotion of Asian films. […]

Film Review: “Perfect Number”…a film about a soft-spoken mathematical psychopath genius, love and murder

Review By: Christopher J. Wheeler Bang Eun-jin’s 2012 thriller PERFECT NUMBER (aka “Suspect X”) claimed a respectable $1.5M in admissions during its run in Korean theaters late last year. The film stars the versatile superstar Ryoo Seung-beom as Seok-go, a soft-spoken mathematical genius who crafts the perfect plot to help wash the blood off of […]

Film Review: “Touch”

Review by: Mut Asheru TOUCH (directed by Byunghun Min) is a deeply moving Korean film about a family that’s in rapid decline to rock bottom status.  Perhaps a little existential in its approach the film is full of close ups and cut-tos with shaky camera work throughout which gives the film a hardline, realistic edge. […]

JIFF 2013 Film Review: ‘Cheer Up Mr. Lee’…a good film for people with dreams who may have to ultimately face failure

Review by: T. Mathenia CHEER UP MR. LEE, directed by Lee Byeong-hun (이병헌) is a good film for people with dreams who may have to face the fact that they may never achieve them. Filmed as a pseudo-documentary it tells the story of film director/screenwriter wanna-be Lee Byeong-heon (played by Hong Wan-pyo 홍완표) and his […]

Film Short ‘Mackerel” by Director Lee Seol-hee and Korea’s support of the short form

I was first exposed to Korea’s love for short films at the 12th Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) and, despite some of the exquisite feature films I managed to catch that year, it was the shorts that ended up being most memorable. In many of the film festivals held annually in Korea, there are an […]