Film Review: “Kung Fu Killer” starring Donnie Yen has a few twists thrown in to keep it a bit different from the standard fare

Review By: Bill Graham KUNG FU KILLER, which may or may not arrive for your viewing pleasure under the title Kung Fu Jungle, is the latest martial arts vehicle for perpetual action star Donnie Yen. The film revolves around Yen’s character Hahou Mo who is stuck in prison for murder when a sudden string of […]

Movie Review: “Big Hero 6” – Go see this film! So charming and funny.

Film Review by: Bill Graham Charm and darkness rarely go hand in hand but “Big Hero 6″ doesn’t seem to enjoy just simply being a quality kids movie. Instead, it wants to push some boundaries where it can and take you for the ride. So often I see adults lament animated movies. It’s like they […]

Filmmaker Interview: “Let’s Be Cops” w/ Rob Riggle, Damon Wayans Jr., and Jake Johnson

Actors of the up-coming and much anticipated comedy LET’S BE COPS stopped through Dallas, TX last month and got all warm and cozy like with us press folks. Rob Riggle, Damon Wayans Jr., and Jake Johnson were gracious enough to roundtable and inform us of the ins and outs of making this film and on […]

Film Review: ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ by Director Wes Anderson – Refreshing and Unexpected

Review By: Bill Graham When you watch over 300 new films a year, you see trends and similarities all over cinema. The films and genres could be completely different, but you will find the same beats. This is why, inevitably, film auteurs are so lauded by the cinema press. There’s usually something original being played […]

Film Review: ‘300 – Rise of An Empire’ – Is it worth your time?

Review By: Bill Graham Anytime a film becomes an unlikely smash hit, like 2007’s 300, you will see studios try to jump on board. The likely result are films like Clash of the Titans, Immortals, The Legend of Hercules, the upcoming similarly titled Hercules, the failed Conan the Barbarian reboot, Pompeii, and even shows like […]

Film Review: ‘Odd Thomas’ – Contains Only a Shade of the Hit Book Franchise that Dean Koontz Built

Review By: Bill Graham When a film’s protagonist is called Odd Thomas, you know you’re in for something different. The shame is when that difference is painted over by too many obvious action trappings from writer/director Stephen Sommers and little of the flair remains. There are shades of the hit book that Odd Thomas is […]

Movie Review: ‘Omar’ Directed by Hany Abu-Assad Gives You Something Interesting to Ponder

Review By: Bill Graham OMAR may not change your mind on the Palestine/Israeli conflict that continues to endure, but it will likely give you something interesting to ponder none the less. Writer/director Hany Abu-Assad crafts the film around one young boy, Omar (Adam Bakri), and how he and two friends become the center of both […]

Movie Review: “Bad Words” – Jason Bateman’s turn as a first-time director

By: Bill Graham Not every secret needs to be grand or profound. Sometimes, like in BAD WORDS, a secret can simply work to keep a film going. That subtlety, the letting off the gas instead of stepping on the brakes, is hard to accomplish because it requires a deft touch of tone. That is a […]

Movie Review: “Gimme Shelter” featuring Vanessa Hudgens Walks a Familiar Path at First, but Does Take Some Shocking Turns

Review By: Bill Graham You never know what kind of film you’ll walk into when teen stars are trying to break out of their once carefully crafted images. Vanessa Hudgens, the front and center star of GIMME SHELTER (written, produced and directed by Ronald Krauss), was most recently seen in Spring Breakers and all the […]

Movie Review: “Her”… a Journey that Grows Exponentially the Longer You Think About it

Review by: Bill Graham Are we ever ready for love? That’s the question that director Spike Jonze seems to be pondering in his solo screenwriting debut, HER. Rich and full of heart, this is a journey that grows exponentially the longer you think about it. Upon each subsequent viewing, you uncover subtle nuances and yet […]