DIFF 2014 Film Review: ‘R100’ by Director Hitoshi Matsumoto – There’s a silly mastery of the sexual in R100 that never relents

Review by: Bill Graham There’s a silly mastery of the sexual in R100 that never relents. Whether you find the movie to be your flavor or not, you can tell that director Hitoshi Matsumoto is determined to infuse as many layers as he can to what could have been a very singular, one-note comedy. We […]

DIFF 2014 Film Review: ‘Doomsday Party’ – Directed by Ho Hong

Written by: Mut Asheru DOOMSDAY PARTY is a film set in Hong Kong and is an ambitious debut for first time director Ho Hong. The cast is a hodge-podge of characters that are brought together amidst a couple of hot button economic topics such as parallel trading, unscrupulous property development and the 2008 financial crises. […]

Film Review: “Horny Family” – A Korean comedy that pokes fun at the concept of family, love and fidelity

Review by: Mut Asheru Korean comedy HORNY FAMILY directed by Bo-Sang Park gently and un-apologetically pokes fun at the concept of family, love and fidelity. The film is shot and scripted in a way that humanizes our sex drives and calls to question the notion of lifetime pairing between human beings. Although the movie boasts […]

Film Review: Korean Indie Movie ‘Mot’ – I really wanted to like this film…but

Film Review by: Mut Asheru I really wanted to like this film and I really did…kind of. MOT and indie Korean film directed by Hobin Seo tells the tale of life gone wrong for a group of high-school friends after an innocent night of partying to celebrate their last day of high school. During the […]

Korean Film Review: “The Heaven is Only Open to the Single” is a South Korean tale of two folks jus wookin pa nub and chances are good they just might find it

   Review by: Mut Asheru I’m happy to report that this delightful tale of love and romance is worth the watch. The ‘two lonely souls looking for luv’ formula never gets old. Especially when done up as simply and as beautifully in Korean movie THE HEAVEN IS ONLY OPEN TO THE SINGLE. The characters in […]

Film Review: ‘The Traffikers’ Director Kim Hong-seon’s (김홍선) crime thriller

*Playing at the 2013 Asian Film Festival Dallas. Ticket Info Review by: Mut Asheru Twists, turns and betrayals abound in Director Kim Hong-seon’s (김홍선) crime thriller THE TRAFFICKERS (공모자들) a grisly tale about black-market organ harvesting.   To be suspected this dubious occupation is habituated by dark criminals of various social standings and backgrounds. It all […]

Film Review: NEW WORLD – This is not a cerebral gangster film.

When the South Koreans make a gangsta flick they make a muthaf*c%@n gangsta flick. The films are usually simple in their straight-forward violence. No matter how base or elevated the cinematography they stick with the recipe that works and NEW WORLD starring Lee Jung-jae (“The Housemaid”) , Choi Min-sik (“Oldboy”) and Jung-min Hwang (“Shiri”)  this […]