Film Review: “Kung Fu Killer” starring Donnie Yen has a few twists thrown in to keep it a bit different from the standard fare

Review By: Bill Graham KUNG FU KILLER, which may or may not arrive for your viewing pleasure under the title Kung Fu Jungle, is the latest martial arts vehicle for perpetual action star Donnie Yen. The film revolves around Yen’s character Hahou Mo who is stuck in prison for murder when a sudden string of […]

Film Review: ‘Cats and Dogs’…good movie made for the heart, from the heart…entirely with an iPhone4s

*re-upping this as ‘Cats and Dogs’ is scheduled to play at the 2013 Asian Film Festival of Dallas, July 12th & 16th. Ticket info Review by: Mut Asheru CATS AND DOGS (그 강아지 그 고양이) is an indie Korean romantic-comedy directed by Min Byung-Woo (민병우). Tagged to be Korea’s and the worlds’ first feature length […]

Film Review: “Perfect Number”…a film about a soft-spoken mathematical psychopath genius, love and murder

Review By: Christopher J. Wheeler Bang Eun-jin’s 2012 thriller PERFECT NUMBER (aka “Suspect X”) claimed a respectable $1.5M in admissions during its run in Korean theaters late last year. The film stars the versatile superstar Ryoo Seung-beom as Seok-go, a soft-spoken mathematical genius who crafts the perfect plot to help wash the blood off of […]

Film Review: ‘Pink’ by Director Jeon Soo-il – intriguing and cathartic psychological drama

Review By:  C.J. Wheeler ( Jeon Soo-il’s intriguing and cathartic psychological drama PINK (핑크) is dreamy and delightful. This independent Korean film made its debut at the 16th Busan International Film, and comes strongly recommended for those seeking perhaps a different shade of seduction when in comes to contemporary Korean cinema. Far from the hard-hitting […]

Film Review: ‘Confession of Murder’ – what would happen if a killer came into the spotlight and laid claim to his deviant acts?

Review By: Christopher J. Wheeler His face is covered with a white mask, his head by a maroon fisherman’s hat. He’s quick, skilled in close quarter combat and seems to, at this moment, have the upper hand over detective Choi (Jeong Jae-yeong). After slitting the throat of the woman whose store they burst through, a chase […]