The 38th HKIFF Restored Classics Preview: Hitchcock, Malick and Ozu Yasujiro classics return to cinema

The Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF), will continue its popular programme of screening immaculate digital restorations of classic films in the way they were originally meant to be seen – on the big screen. This year’s festival programme includes Alfred HITCHCOCK’s Dial M for Murder (3-D), and four classic works by Japan’s great master […]

Short Film Review and Feature: Korean indie “App Sapiens” by director Ko Hyun-chang

Review by: Mut Asheru One of our favorite independent shorts so far this year is APP SAPIENS (viewable below in English subtitles) by director Ko Hyun-chang. It’s Sci-fi – social-political in all the right places. The thought of how connected we are to our technology will continue to be the stuff of dreams and great […]

Trailer Love: Korean Movie “The X” starring Kang Dong-won

Korean Film Review: “The Heaven is Only Open to the Single” is a South Korean tale of two folks jus wookin pa nub and chances are good they just might find it

   Review by: Mut Asheru I’m happy to report that this delightful tale of love and romance is worth the watch. The ‘two lonely souls looking for luv’ formula never gets old. Especially when done up as simply and as beautifully in Korean movie THE HEAVEN IS ONLY OPEN TO THE SINGLE. The characters in […]

Film Review: Korean short film “Safe House” …coulda, shoulda been feature length

Review by: Mut “talks in her sleep” Asheru SAFE HOUSE is the bloody, suspenseful story of a gangster Chee-soo (played by Ju-Hyung Pak) basically losing his sh*t. His mental strings begin losing elasticity as he follows his traitor boss Mr. T (ugh, new character name needed here please) to the safe house after initiating a nasty […]

Trailer Love: “Let Me Out” feat Kwon Hyun Sang

Filmmaker Interview: Korean Indie “Cats and Dogs’ Director Min Byung-woo

By: Mut Asheru (한국어) CATS AND DOGS (그 강아지 그 고양이) is an indie Korean romantic-comedy directed by Min Byung-Woo (민병우). Tagged to be Korea’s and the worlds’ first feature length film shot entirely with an iPhone4s.  Hey, we’re all for the green initiative but how does that work in regards to movies and camera […]

Music Documentary Review: ‘Turn It Up to Eleven 2: Wild Days, 2012’ about Korean rock band ‘Galaxy Express’

Review by: Mut Asheru Synopsis Galaxy Express is a Korean rock band that departs for a U.S. tour, the home of rock, to go on a solo tour holding an incredible but grueling 19 concerts within three weeks. Review I noticed early on in this documentary that a smile was plastered on my face. Why? […]

Film Review: ‘The Traffikers’ Director Kim Hong-seon’s (김홍선) crime thriller

*Playing at the 2013 Asian Film Festival Dallas. Ticket Info Review by: Mut Asheru Twists, turns and betrayals abound in Director Kim Hong-seon’s (김홍선) crime thriller THE TRAFFICKERS (공모자들) a grisly tale about black-market organ harvesting.   To be suspected this dubious occupation is habituated by dark criminals of various social standings and backgrounds. It all […]

JIFF 2013 Film Review: “Groggy Summer” by director Yun Su-ik

Review by: T. Mathenia Ahh, people with dreams. Summertime for high-school aged kids has long lent itself to great coming of age stories. Korean film, GROGGY SUMMER – 그로기 썸머 by indie director Yun Su-ik is no different. Shot with a slew of intimate close-ups the audience can’t help but be emotionally drawn in as the […]