Book Review: “Love Him or Leave Him, But Don’t Get Stuck with the Tab: Hilarious Advice for Real Women” by Loni Love

238 pages (Simon & Schuster Paperbacks) Author: Loni Love:    “….If you’re going to break up and get back together, you can only do it once. I repeat, you can only get together once! ….As Momma Love used to say, there’s no point in leading a horse to a water if he’s only going to kick […]

Author Interview: Niobia Bryant on her compelling characters, searing street scenarios and erotic interludes

Written by: Melody Charles No matter what nom de plume readers may find on the cover—Niobia Bryant, Simone Bryant or Meesha Mink—fans already know that the contents are going to be a scintillating read. Ever since her 2000 debut Admission of Love, the New Jersey native has created some of the most compelling characters, searing […]

Author Interview: Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

Written By: Melody Charles A practicing general and child’s psychiatrist and an integral force in shaping the narrative of national and global ramifications of racism and white supremacy, author Dr. Frances Cress Welsing wrote the seminal works Cress Theory of Color and The Isis Papers: The Keys To The Colors, appearing in films and documentaries […]

Author Interview: Brenda Jackson – the first African-American of either gender, or genre, to publish 100 books

Interview By: Melody Charles A quick book lover’s pop quiz question, if you will: what do titles “Tonight and Forever”, “Slow Burn” and “A Madaris Bride For Christmas” all have in common? They were all written by Brenda Jackson, the first-ever African-American best-selling romance novelist. And with Christmas, Ms. Jackson accomplished yet another feat: the […]

Book Review: ‘On The Grind’ by Misha Mink from the ‘Real Wifeys’ series

Book Review by: Melody Charles Publisher: Touchstone Blingin’, flossin’, trickin’ and cheatin’ is how Kaeyla “Goldie” Dennis fought her way out of a hard-scramble life: however, in order for her to keep her head straight and her game tight, she’s forced to learn from emotional heartbreak and life-threatening danger, which makes Meesha Minks’ first book […]