Filmmaker Interview: “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place” Associate Producer Nick Robinson Gets Real About Film Titles

Written by: Bill Graham “We Gotta Get Out” of This Place is one of those films that has captured upward momentum. I’m positive that people will track down this film years from now to see where certain cast and crew got their start. But more than anything, it works as a film. It’s dreary yet […]

DIFF 2014 Film Review: ‘Dom Hemingway’ – Jude Law has never been better

Review by: Bill Graham Jude Law has never been better than in Dom Hemingway, the latest film from director Richard Shepard. He plays a brutish, egotistical, foul-mouthed safe cracker that has just served 12 years in a London prison and is looking to get his reward for keeping his mouth shut. How he managed that […]

DIFF 2014 Film Review: ‘Child of God’ – This is a film that will not make many friends

Review by: Bill Graham Child of God is down and dirty, raw, and unlike any film I’ve seen before. There are few films I’ve ever second guessed sitting down to. But when I watched a secret screening last year of Child of God the thought went through my head that I might have to create […]

2014 DIFF Film Review: ‘We Are the Best’

Review by: Bill Graham Punk rock and youth usually go hand in hand. They’re searching for meaning and punk provides them an outlet to rebel against the norm and boring. In We Are The Best, it’s the mid 80s in Sweden and Bobo and Klara are best friends in 7th grade. They spend time rebelling […]

2014 DIFF Film Review: ‘We Gotta Get Out of this Place’ – Richly performed by newcomers, up and comers, and old staples

Review by: Bill Graham Growing up in a small town can put a lot of pressure on you. As much as we want our friends and family to be uplifted, a small town can often feel like a relentless undercurrent trying to pull us down. Having the opportunity to leave or get out, it’s enough […]

DIFF 2014 Film Review: ‘Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter’ is a film you don’t often see anymore

Review by: Bill Graham There’s a wondrous mystery to Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter that persists throughout. With just a few opening minutes of the fantastic, you are drawn in and hurled through an extraordinary journey. Kumiko (Rinko Kikuchi) is a serious-minded girl that is so insular she runs from friendships. You see, she’s on the […]

DIFF 2014 Film Review: ‘Locke’ proves that a powerful character study can be achieved anywhere

Review by: Bill Graham There’s a richness in Locke that is singularly drawn out by the lone performer on the screen, Tom Hardy. What starts as an ordinary night is driven to the brink. Ivan Locke is an exacting man. He’s meticulous about what he does. Laying the foundations of skyscrapers is serious business. The […]

DIFF 2014 Film Review: ‘Doomsday Party’ – Directed by Ho Hong

Written by: Mut Asheru DOOMSDAY PARTY is a film set in Hong Kong and is an ambitious debut for first time director Ho Hong. The cast is a hodge-podge of characters that are brought together amidst a couple of hot button economic topics such as parallel trading, unscrupulous property development and the 2008 financial crises. […]

2014 DIFF Film Review: ‘Copenhagen’ – Directed by Mark Raso is watch worthy

Review by: Mut Asheru Here’s another worthwhile indie film to catch at the 2014 Dallas International Film Festival or anywhere else if you should have the chance. COPENHAGEN directed by Mark Raso starts off in a nice place for me. In the midst of awkwardness.  And while this film won’t change your life it will […]

2014 DIFF Film Review: “Aftermath” – An intriguing short film about brothers surviving in a post-apocalyptic environment

Written by: Mut Asheru Awesome short film alert! AFTERMATH by writer-director Jeremy Robbins is a visually stunning drama that is rich and captivating. Ringing in at about 20 minutes there’s not one dull moment to be had as we delve into the reality of two brothers who are now trying to survive in what is […]