Sonic Bloom: Wainwright – positive points in the unique department

By: Corbyn Bricie

wainwright-wainwrightSinging in a voice that almost sounds strangled at times lends Wainwright positive points in the unique department.

What does that mean?  It means that it sounds at times that he is struggling to hit the majority of notes so they’re forced out in a guttural in and out of tune manner a la Mary J. Blige.  The trick here is his emotions shine through in the purest manner that sounds great once it sinks in that he knows what he’s doing.

His songwriting is lively, soulful and endearing.  He’s not a hush mouthed troubadour, which has become the norm, but an open mouthed, great songwriting chap.  His songs belong in movies.


Wainwright was born in Warrington England, a small working class town outside of Liverpool. As a young boy he relocated to St. Catharines Ontario. His music combines the raw northern English sound of his childhood with the stark purity of Canadian singer songwriters like Neil Young.

His unique voice and universal writing combine to make powerful and personal yet commercial songs that play equally to the heart and feet. In 2007 he hooked up with Los Angeles producer Charlton Pettus and started recording what evolved into his debut release. As the songs emerged recognition followed.

Legendary graphic artist Alan Aldridge (Beatles, Elton John etc) signed on to design the cover art and director Ben Gourley not only chose three of Wainwright’s songs for the movie “Moving McCallister” but wrote and directed videos for two more songs from the record. With the release of “Wainwright” on Town Records in early 2008, the word is spreading.

Wainwright/ guitar/bass/keys/vocals
Charlton pettus/guitars/bass/keys
Fred Eltrimgham/ drums
Doug Petty/Keys

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