Sonic Bloom: Steve Means – Means

photo3Steve Means is a 22-year old acoustic singer/songwriter from Cincinnati, OH.  We first found him beating on a wooden box like contraption on stage while Jonathan Clay sang and strummed his guitar at the House of Blues in Dallas.

Since that fateful day a year or so ago we have come to respect and love this soulful accousitaceer for his sheer musical genius and oh-so-witty personality.

He’s such a vibrant thang.

Steve relocated to Nashville, TN from his Ohio home in order to further his career and has accomplished some wonderful things in his short 22 years of life.  His new album Now or Never is a wonderful follow up to his 07 release “Rescue Me” and showcases more of that Steve Means wit and incredibly hooking hook writing ability.

Each song on “Now or Never” is a treasure more golden than the first.  Check him out and thank us at any time for gold mining abilities.

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