Sonic Bloom: Pierce Edens

Pierce Edens

4 Reasons Why We’re Watching Him

Pierce Edens1.  Pierce has a voice that’s rock-blues-country-animal personified.  Picture that perfect pair of cowboy boots that’s scuffed up and perfectly worn in from the everyday to and fro of life.  Yeah he makes us feel comfortable, scuffed up and worn in.  Something like the feeling you get when you finally figure out who you are after life has taught you a few things.

2.  “Creeping Vines” is the perfect road song that Pierce sings and delivers with such soulful country flair that it’s impossible to turn away from this track.  This is a song you should drink whiskey to and share your hard earned wisdom with the world.  Oh wait…we just did.

3.  “Jailhouse (Devil Don’t Work Alone)” is another perfect tune.  Not just cause the guitar dances and rocks all over the place or his gravel-tinged voice digs deep into your imagination but because the lyrics on this track are some kind of classic.

4.  He’s been classified as alt-country, rockabilly, blues, country…etc.  We love it when folks don’t know how the hell to classify someone’s music.  So we’re not gonna try.  We’ll leave the classifications up to other folks.  We’re just here to make the introduction.


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