Sonic Bloom: Morgan Page – “In the Air” [rEMIx] Prod by TK Other Realm

Crazy world we live in, yeah? Something’s gotta give and with the ear of beat-assemblers like T.K. Other Realm, perhaps we’ll hear more life given than that taken.

The Oakland producer brings his perspective of sound to what is happening in our world with vocals presented by popular house and electro DJ, Morgan Page and visuals.

“I just wanted to show with these clips and this beat that negativity can be reversed through change,” says T.K. “Simple.”

T.K. is currently working on a remix project with Page and will debut at the beginning of 2013.


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T.K. Other Realm

tkAs a member of quantum-banging hip-hop group, League510, T.K. Other Realm has grown from capturing the sound of present day Oakland to defining Oakland with the phonics of a world beyond tomorrow. Leading the group’s production team, T.K. prides himself on the sound that the squad introduced called “Town Techno” which takes hip-hop’s basis of beats and rhymes, filters them through an uptempo techno influence, and then liberally swathes it all with synthesizer riffs. Two features in the SF Weekly helped to brand the “Town Techno” moniker paired with the group’s ranking presence among the best of rising artists in entertainment mediums such as Mtvu, Mtv Jams, and

Continuously building on his ability to hear beyond what’s being played and see past what’s being presented, TK’s future solo motions are all-encompassing of our world’s need for positivity in the highest form: the appreciation of life through sound.

Currently, T.K. is working on a remix project of Morgan Page tracks, set to release January 2013.

Connect with T.K. Other Realm:
Twitter: @TKOtherRealm

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